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Underrated is a new guild looking to recruit active players. We are starting our first raid Sunday Nov 10th at 9pm server time.

We want ALL of our members to succeed, and have many people willing to help you out to get what you need to feel fully satisfied with game content. Let us know how we can help, and we make it happen. We also understand that you may have other life obligations during raiding times and do not threaten that you’ll lose your raid spot. We chose weekend raid times to be able to work with all people regardless of what life has going on. We support all types of experience and are nonjudgmental. In addition to raiding, we will hopefully be able to organize battleground groups and assist in world PVP!


  1. Be able to effectively play your character at a competitive level.
    showing up to raids with proper knowledge of fights and consumables ready.
  2. Be a reliable and consistent member to clear all of classic content.
  3. Be friendly and supportive to all guild members to create a relaxed environment all can enjoy.

Reliability and honesty is key to us. We have all heard stories of unfair loot practices. We will be transparent and fair to all members of the raids.

We want to create a guild family! If this sounds like something you’re looking for, come join us and help us build our guild to the top!

Add Lost#12253 or Grixus#1626 for an invite or more info!

Underrated is hosting an MC this Saturday, 11/23/2019, @7:30 pm, invites going out at 6:45 pm. Most of our raiders are currently 6/10 courtesy of previous joint Guild runs. Main Spec > OS rolls. Binding & Mats on reserve, recipes open rolls. Whisper Lost#12253 or contact me in-game for more info.

Currently cleared 8/10 running with . Our combined raid is still looking for Healers and DPS that can make both Saturday and Sunday 8pm-11pm consistently. Ony Fridays.