Undercity tables bugged for Pilgrim's Peril achievement

Undercity tables despawn as you enter the courtyard on Westfall WOTLK Classic server. If I race in with rocket boots to click a chair before it despawns, it doesn’t allow me to sit.

So the achievement “Pilgrim’s Peril” is currently unobtainable.


I’ve had the tables kick me out of the chairs after I’ve only eaten once, might make the achievement for Food Fight impossible.

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same issue here on skyfury ally, can not access the undercity table/chairs.

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I had the same issue as well, where my party could interact with the tables in thunderbluff, but I couldn’t even see them.

This is a problem in EU as well. No chairs in Thunder Bluff at all, and the Undercity ones throws you off after one portion of anything.