Under Development: WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria

such an awful take.

yes, you can have new content. did you miss out on the 3 expansions they announced?

many of my guild didnt start playing WoW until later, so they never got to experience MOP and are hyped for this.

i played MOP and i loved it, excited to revisit with this twist.

i mean every MOP Raid playable is way more exciting to me than S4 fated raids

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Can do raids at any time. As for rewards I’ve always been against limited time ones. They should be available after the relevant time.

People who want recognition of doing it when it was current should have feat of strengths since that’s what those are actually there for.

If it’s good people will play it. If it’s bad they won’t.

Interest being forced is just bad design.


You can’t do them the way that raids are intended to be experienced without some sort of guild dedicated to doing old content. So the raids are made irrelevant by major patches. On top of that, raids all have a weekly lock out.

I mean it has new cosmetic rewards exclusive to it, unless that chicken back transmog is simply a completely unrelated image that they accidentally put on the page. Maybe it will be the only thing. Who knows.
(I’m not saying I have a problem with this. I just think it’s funny that the initial reaction to Pstorm was posts screaming about fomo being massively upvoted, which seems to have been an argument people hid behind in bad faith when their real problem was that they don’t want to pvp and are upset when content is created that doesn’t cater to their very specific playstyle).

I didn’t see anything specific about species, but hopefully we can play as whatever races we have unlocked.

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Will this event be Warmode applicable? I like that this event will give players an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the relevant lore related to the Darkheart before TWW.

Below are links from your Community Council regarding the State of PvP. On behalf of the PvP community I’m requesting an update on the future of PvP, for the last 6 years we’ve not seen much more than Sub-par Class Tuning, Minor Adjustments to MMR and the Introduction of Solo Shuffle. Every facet of PvP is currently in shambles from Regular Bgs, Epic BGs, RBGs, Solo Shuffle, Arena, to World PvP. Is there a plan going forward to address some of the many issues with Retail PvP?


ONCE MORE I want to ask and hope we have some twist and turn on season of discovery liek few new stuff added on the game map, dungon and raid bosses or some thing

like hidden npc treasure loot and even time travel shignagnes.

This right here.

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I tell you what would have sealed this for EVERYONE.
You would have had the majority of players hooked.

Having druid be a class available to an additional race for Alliance and Horde.
You could have even chose Pandaren to achieve that.


I don’t see how that’s relevant to my point.

I’d love for them to make it so you can chrome time your raids.

Doesn’t change that I’m against fomo, time limited event content (I’m ok with holidays and such cause… Holidays. Though I think we could do with some of them being longer and always having an option to earn currency for rewards)

I want evergreen content that I can enjoy at any time. That I can work towards as I need to that I don’t end up locked out of.

That includes them opening up older content on a chromie time like setup that doesn’t randomly kick you out at 10 levels off max.


I think Plunderstorm’s issues were all of the above. PvP only and forced PvP, time limited, and limited time rewards. And that’s after they failed to read the room properly in advance.

The fact that stuff carries over into Retail makes me enjoy it and not worry about losing my progress.

I don’t mind starting from a blank slate, but it’d be nice to see your efforts rewarded in retail for when you’re playing it.


Man and mage tower is another timed event. Was so cool to do. Until it bloody ended. Then it became stupid.

I think they were trying to say that in game evergreen content could be created instead of limited time game modes. Like Brawlers Guild. Like revamping Archaeology. Or even player housing. Those are just examples, mind you, but I’m pretty sure no one is saying “give us nothing.”


That guy I replied to literally said

He is quite literally asking for nothing.

He said he usually lets his sub keep running while doing other things but might cancel out of protest that we’re getting something instead of nothing. I am not paraphrasing.

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I very much want that too.

I agree with the sentiment, but I think that’s easier said than done. Eventually anything they do will become so overplayed that people will stop playing it. I doubt very many people, except for total nerds like me, still play around a lot with their garrison. I am not sure what kind of content they could make that people will always enjoy playing and won’t ever get bored of.

Timed content is an easy band-aid to that. It might not be the best solution, but it might be the one their resources allow them to do.

THIS JUST IN!! we have realm 1sters achveiments… wellp Not only there mythic but there also 1sters

ok enjoy that cheese, on that rat race.

I sitll try to be blizzard for kor’korn items.

I really like the idea of being able to experience the MoP expansion which happened before I started playing. The only thing that gives me pause is all the stuff they’re saying about OP powers and fast XP, which make it sound more like a speedrunning event (not my thing). I’ll probably try it out for the cosmetics, but if it’s just oneshotting every mob &c. I’ll probably quit. Not a fan of time-limited content either.

If they hadn’t made the Garrison as a one off feature of an expansion and intended it to be evergreen content you and everyone else would be using it now. It would still be useful.

But they didn’t and continue to fail to learn that they need to make things that won’t depreciate immediately upon the next season starting.

Blizzard, one of the larger gaming companies, can’t get it’s butt together to make long lasting content?

It’s not that their resources don’t allow it. It’s that their use of those resources is bad.