Undead, Orc or Troll rogue?

So I’ve been playing Alliance an the RP server Bloodsail Buccaneers and thought to myself “world pvp with whacky ridiculous RPers sounds like so much fun” and I wanted to see how the other side of the fence faired me. Rogue was the obvious choice for world pvp to pull off some wild shenanigans, and so I was then met with the dilemma: which race should I pick for the most fun roleplay(given I am new to RPing)? So come on out you racial supremacist and sell me on your race!

My advice to anyone asking what race to play is to choose the race you like the most. The one you find most fun to RP, the one whose lore you enjoy. It’s not worth playing a race you’ll like less just because the racials are slightly better, especially on a RP server, and asking for advice as to which race one prefers is a bit like asking for advice as to which ice cream flavor is best…


Undead or orc. Undead would be your traditional pvp based pick. Orc is good for arena (assuming TBC) or if you wanna duel other rogues.

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While we Tauren are not Rogues, I know some of the best in the business.

Whatever race you choose, be sure to check out Brotherhood of Blades.

They are an all-rogue guild led by one of DD’s finest GMs. I cannot imagine a better way to experience RP for the first time while playing with some of the Horde’s most capable assassin diplomats.

As both Vorena and Aovi have suggested, troll is the answer. Meet me in Orgrimmar at midnight by the fire for a demonstration.


I will say, Mr. smelly sharptusk, who likes to stink up the tipsy titan, that I did make a character on an inferior server called grob just to play horde. As far as class goes, I chose shaman because it’s what I can’t play as alliance. As far as race I did choose troll, using the thinking in my post you reference

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