Uncover the Secrets of Delves in The War Within

Uncover the Secrets of Delves in The War Within

Take your adventure to a new level with Delves. Explore bite-sized world instances, gain experience, and epic rewards! You can explore alone or with up to four additional friends, along with an NPC companion—Brann Bronzebeard— you customize through their talent tree.

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wheres my beta blizz


Those candle helms :candle: :eyes:

So is brann/companiin like borrowed power?

How will season reset feel?

These seem to just be scenarios on steroids

NPC companions are a pain to have.

In legion all they did is pull mobs that I didn’t want pulled. So I benched them permanently.


It’s Horrific Visions. But instead of a cape, it’s an NPC.

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I would love to, if we could log in. xD

I take candle


I really worry this content will fail to appeal to their target audience, and instead appeal to the same kinds of people for whom the mage tower, visions, and endless corridors did.


¿Dónde está mi BETA?

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But it resets each season so i just wonder if ppl will be miffed going from a chad bronn to a baine or something


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Possibly. People will be mad about anything and everything, to be fair. lol

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Everyone playing at home take a drink! :laughing:

I mean those things were popular. And if it’s not necessary for power progression I don’t see anything wrong with it.

We’ve made a small correction to the list of Delves. Deepwalker Hold was renamed to Underkeep and is now listed properly under Azj’Kahet.

Delves can be found in any of the available zones of Khaz’Algar while questing and exploring, and they offer quick combat, puzzles, platforming challenges, and bosses to defeat.

platforming challenges

Please god no jumping puzzles.


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The big question was not answered, how good will the rewards be compared to raiding?

I understand that it won´t be Mythic level, but if it´s just another world quest / LFR gear level, then it´s kind of meh.

Kinda hard to tell without a weekly Vault, but weren’t the highest difficulty for rewards (8th level or whatever) supposed to be H raid equivalent? I believe that was the information coming out of early alpha or perhaps BlizzCon.

I wouldn’t expect the dropped rewards to be that high, but the once-weekly should be better than what overworld players are used to getting from their content pillars.

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