Unclear bans due to new ToS

Last night my friend was banned do to “toxic chat” for 2 weeks. We looked over the logs together and nothing he said seems like it would be ban worthy. The worst thing he said was “{Inappropriate acronym removed}” once in a solo shuffle match. Since getting banned he’s been trying to get an exact reason on what he said that caused the ban, but all he gets in response is a copy and pasted text blurb stating that this issue has already been reviewed. How is he supposed to prevent himself from repeating the same actions and getting banned again if customer support wont even tell him what exactly he said to justify the ban?

Seems like you already know the reason, Gleyeardorix - if your quote is accurate.


Any profanity, even masked profanity, has been against the rules in WoW and on the forums since 2004 when the game released.

If a person is reported, then they will recieve a penalty as a result if the logs attached to the report show the violation.

A suspension means it was not a first offense. They used to give suspensions as a first penalty from 2004 - 2016 at which point they tried a Silence that removed social aspects. That is still often a first penalty, but repeats now can include Suspensions again. Duration would be dependent on account history and nature of the offense.

He should have gotten an email, or been able to request an email, with the logs that were reported and actioned. To do that use the appeal ticket function and ask for it to be reviewed and logs sent.


I feel like that can’t be the case. I have reported people for saying far worse things to me before, but nothing happened. I feel like getting banned for 2 weeks simply for saying that is completely unreasonable. The logs he was sent had a ton of completely irrelevant things in them, he attempted to reopen the ticket multiple times for clarification but to no avail.

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Because account actions are between Blizzard and that person. You don’t know what may or may not had happened.


I do because he was screen sharing the entire process with me while it happened.

You know what happened in your friends case, because they chose to share that with you. Depending on when you made your reports, you may not know what have eventually happened to the people you reported. Recently they added feedback when reporting, you thank you for your reports, but it really depends on how long ago your reports happened.

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I know for a fact they weren’t banned in any way since the next day since I q’d into them in arena.

Blizzard doesn’t just hand out 2 week suspensions. Suspension times stack. This isn’t your friend’s first go-around with being suspended.


Ok good, he got the log files.

Telling someone to shut the profanity up, is certainly going to get him a time out if he was reported. It usually takes multiple reports to get to GM attention, but once it does they are pretty cut and dry.

There is also the possibility that there are other reports associated with the account, and the GM only sent the “final straw”. When looking at the whole of recent reports that can also be cause for action.

I would guess your friend was frustrated and vented at someone. Even if baited and trolled, self control is really important. Just report and block if someone else is breaking the rules. If they are just annoying, put them on Ignore.

Never let them get someone angry enough they lose control of their fingers.


Often times reports can take some time to reach the investigation team.

Usually what you think might have caused it, might have been things that happened weeks before, but eventually added up to more suspension time then the first occurance.

It’s not unusual you ran into someone you reported the next day.


Also worth mentioning, this is not a new ToS. Nothing has changed in the overall ToS that we have all agreed too. The social contract is simply highlighting the same ToS.


Also note plenty of things that have always been against the rules blizzard now is being far less forgiving on! They are really cracking down when at times in the past they might not have. Almost no tolerance for toxic anything.

If you can not say something to your mother or grandmother then it should not be said in game!


And if they think this is bad other MMOS are even less forgiving.


Yup how many mmo’s will recovery hacked accounts and restore them for you. Not to many, Most will not as the man power required would be too costly.


Even if profanity wasn’t used, telling somebody to “shut up”, “be quiet”, “shut your mouth”, etc. is not nice, nor does it create a pleasant environment people want to be a part of.

Block is my best friend. I ain’t got time to argue with people, anymore.


This is ablest and victim-blaming. Respect neurodivergence and expand your thinking on what you just said. And spare the lip service of pretending you do after stating this. Learn from your blind spots instead of broadcasting them proudly.

This is philosophical territory, and it’s slippery.

EDIT: Vrakthis, I don’t appreciate you editing my posts after closing the thread.
EDIT X2: Vrakthris is now defending having removed a sentence asking Mirasol to not tell other people to not play the game. Asinine.

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You have been trying to push this argument for months now.

Nobody gets a pass on their behavior for whatever scenarios you have hypothesized.

People, or their caretakers, are still responsible for the actions on the account. There are any number of tools in game (or in parental controls) to prevent someone from interacting with chat if they have issues with it.

If someone still can’t use those tools to engage within the rules, they should consider not playing the game. There is no “get out of punishment free” card for your scenarios you came up with.

P.S. You are saying all this to someone who is formally diagnosed as on the autism spectrum with severe depression and anxiety disorders. Spare me the “ablelist” assumptions.


And you have been burying your head in the sand on it instead of conceding that you have some personal growth to achieve on this topic. Good day.