Unarmored Mounts Megathread


This is what I’m saying. Who honestly wouldn’t want these mounts in the game just to satisfy an arbitrary technicality? They were a big part of Vanilla, they belong in the museum.

Nowadays I use a lot of “slow” mounts at fast speeds because I like the look better. I find a lot of armor in all aspects of this game to be overdone. If they ever come through I’m definitely buying a quick plain mechanostrider for my gnome, they have so much more character than the overbuilt Swifts (though I like them too and will happily use one if need be).


You’ve said “Peace!”, “I’m done” or some variation of that so much at this point, I’m guessing that’s just your typical sign off phrase and I’ll disregard it.

Again, as I told you from the beginning. Your stance is that not having the mounts at all in the game, for the lifetime of the game, is more authentic than having a limited time vendor availability or Blizzard listing on the AH.

For you temporary or almost unnoticeable slight change (or “change” that is in line with the phased content set by Blizzard) is worse than permanent, very noticeable change.

Strange stance to take, but whatever suits you, I suppose.

Because I think seeing an item is torture because people like you want an asset which was available in 1.12 to not be in Classic based on some weird technicality, that means I’m an “avid collector”?

I’m sad for the folks that will never get the opportunity to purchase the mount like players had in Vanilla.

I’ve disproven your point with logic and you’ve been unable to back it up in any reasonable way. However, rather than being respectable and admitting defeat or truth, you’ve just slowly moved to a more agreeable position. Though you’d still prefer more change to less change.

After that there’s nothing more to do other than explain how you’re done (for the fourth time) and don’t want to talk about it anymore, and just because you don’t respond, doesn’t mean I’m right. Convenient.

It’s annoying to chat with me because you can’t keep up. What I don’t understand is why you keep coming back for more.


Yeah, it’s not like we’re arguing for Tauren riding around on Mechanostriders.


As epic as that may be to see.

(Mogar) #281

On a semi-related note, in Vanilla Tauren could only ride Kodos and Wolves. Couldn’t ride horses or raptors (besides pvp mounts or a mount drop). I assume that’ll be the same in Classic.



Here is another White Stallion which is found in front of the Inn in Goldshire. Again… this mount will “no longer be available” … yet literally the first two horses that you see as a human are White Stallions…


And . . . that’s why they deserve to be in the game imo, preserve as much as you can in the museum.

(Xane) #284

I agree 100%


These mounts should be included if the only excuse is they think keeping them in will cause people to rush through leveling. Many are going to rush anyway for multiple reasons … because they want to. Its ok for people to rush through or play a certain way for other reasons but not ok for this one reason? No one likes double standards.


Bumping again

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Originally, the mounts were replaced with armored versions in 1.4 right? So that was five months after release. If they’re available in Classic for 5 months I wouldn’t say it would cause people to rush. That’s a fair amount of time, even for most casual players. The bigger concern, since they’re using the original mount system, is that the mounts are the big cost, not the riding skill. So you’ll also have to earn 1000g or whatever.

But if some people aren’t able to achieve that? So what? Honestly, I probably won’t be able to pull it off. For those who do, enjoy your mount. I can’t say I agree with the philosophy that since everyone can’t earn these mounts they shouldn’t be included. That’s…kinda how Vanilla works.


Exactly. I don’t know if I’ll be able to achieve it either, but I want to try. I want to start the game excited about the goal ahead of me. I want to see other people riding around on those mounts even if I can’t make it.


Hey Blizz we still want these mounts implemented.


Keep this thread going guys. If we don’t give up and keep fighting for this we might make a difference. There’s still 3 months until release and if the thread is in their eyes every day until release they might change their mids! There’s many reasons by people in this thread why Blizzard should change their mind.

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I don’t see how they can claim to want to make classic as authentic as possible, but not put in the unarmored mounts. If they don’t want to make people rush, then have them in for 8 months, or just leave them in the entire time. I think the unarmored mounts look better than the armored.


Blizzard you have to put these in.


Share this thread on every stream that you watch. Let people know that there is support for this issue!


Actually the perfect compromise would be keeping them at 1000g each even if the riding skill was changed to be expensive, making them at least twice as hard to obtain. They should be in the mix somewhere because the museum won’t be complete without them.

They don’t need to make them limited time only if they’re worried about people rushing, just prestige pricing or whatever.

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I agree with the 1000g price tag. Let them be a status symbol because of cost. Most people will avoid the expense, even if they could afford it, just because of how hard it is to make gold in classic.


I thought the chosen mount system already had that price tag for epic mounts?