Unable to use quest items that require reagents when I have the reagents

Two quests:

World Quest: Keys of Loyalty: When I made the key, I died and came back to turn in the key I had just made. The key was gone so I was unable to complete the world quest. I farmed the reagents to make a new key, and it made the repeatable key ([Restored Obsidian Key]) so now I cannot complete the world quest. I farmed up additional mats and now it says “Missing Reagent key fragments” instead of creating a new key. I have 8 [Key Framing] and 94 [Key Fragments] in my inventory.

Duck, duck, Trap: I had 11 meat in my inventory and I could not set the traps. It said, “Missing reagent: Bluebill Meat”.

The above issues are in order of occurence, so I think somehow the issue with the key is bricked all quests for me that require a reagent, though that is purely speculation.

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Someone on my server was having this issue earlier and I believe it was the quest Artisan’s Supply that was causing the issue.

Wait, I checked again and I do have an Artisan’s Supply quest. I will try to finish that and see if it helps.


I just repeated the quest “Artisan’s Supply: Quality-Assured Optics” and I still cannot create the key for “Keys of Loyalty”

Edit: I just abandoned the quest [An Engineer’s Best Friend] and I can once again create the keys for “Keys of Loyalty”. That said, they are still the wrong key, so I still cannot complete the world quest.

Edit 2: After waiting until the next day, I was able to make the [Greater Obsidian Key], though it would be nice to fix the bug where the key can disappear.