Unable to turn on Raytracing on PTR

I have the 2004 build of Windows 10, and a 1080TI GPU which is a card which is RayTracing compatible, but it won’t let me turn the options on. I can edit the config file to enable them, which works, but am unable to use the in game settings menu.

I have the latest drivers, version 452.06 release date 8/17/2020. What do

I was pretty sure raytracing came with the rtx cards, of which the 1080 ti isn’t one. Are you sure it can ray trace?

The 1080ti does support ray tracing.

The 1080Ti is NOT ray tracing compatible. You’ll need an nVidia 2000 series card that supports RTX.

That’s simply not true. Go to their website and look, it says right there that the 1080ti supports ray tracing.

Then honestly, this is a ptr forum issue, and not a tech support forum issue.

I don’t see how it could be any more of a tech support issue.

Because this is tech support for released versions of the game, which ptr is not, by definition.

See this threads for the active ptr discussion on the issue - Ray Tracing Issue / Bug - RTX 2070 w/ Newest Driver or How to turn on Ray Tracing if your Settings is broken