Unable to transfer character between servers "mailbox must be empty" despite being empty

I put in a ticket but haven’t gotten back a response about my issue. I want to transfer 3 characters to another server, all of them worked besides one of them.

This is a hidden email from a quest.

I see your ticket, and looks like it’s already been assigned, you should hear back soon.


I am having this same issue and my ticket has gone 48 hours without a un-automated response ticket # US97612457

What path did you use for your ticket? If it was anything general or “Not Listed Here”, that would be why. You need to submit it as a “Purchase Failure” to get it to the right team. Billing and account issues have a different priority queue apart from general game issues. Leave your older one open just in case, but pop one in for Purchase Failure. You can do that here:

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Looks like this has been resolevd.


im having trouble doing a faction change because of it saying i have mail when i do not nor have i dont any quests lately

Have you submitted a ticket as was advised a couple posts up?


Brewfest sends out brews once a month, those often sit in your pending mail for weeks before delivered.


yep i have the only character i care about is the one thats stuck lol

i would love to get rid of this so i can do my paid service =D

A Game Master should be able to clear the mail as soon as they get to your ticket.


yeah very helpful to get a automated message that resolves nothing

The ticket was placed under the purchase failure path? Placing it under a generic category might have received the automated response, but also allow it to be reopened if further help is needed.

Since brewfest mail should have pushed two days ago, have you tried clearing it manually?


You should be good now.


ive tried about everything and it is through purchase failure

ty its working now

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