Unable to revert transfers

What a mistake dont move to Felstriker 10 whole people in arathi on a Saturday

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That’s a shame buddy. Blizzard really messed up on these limited server transfer options. If I were you, I’d just reroll a different toon. Not ideal, but probably the best solution.


The transfer should warn you (always has in the past) that it is not reversible.
It is highly unlikely that they will ever allow free transfers from low to high pop realms


Sounds to me like you made a mistake. Unfortunate.


You were warned.


Feel like blizzard jumped the gun making new servers they should’ve let everyone from high and full servers trickle into low and med and it would’ve balanced itself out eventually, now we have these brand new servers that are the plague to 90% of the realm hoppers so they won’t hop

They have never been “reversible” and there is an explicit warning as shown in the post above :confused:


Definitely agree. After the initial surge, they should have let things settle and then allow transfers to the lower population servers that existed from the high population servers… not open more.

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You got no one to blame but yourself and your friend


Blame your friend, server transfers have never in the history of transfers been reversible. Felstriker is a dead server, people aren’t moving off Arugal to go to a ghost town.


Who told him that?


Anyone moving off arugal now is hella dumb. The queues are mostly gone and what queues remain are only during peak times and are usually less than an hour. If you want a server that will stay populated, stay on arugal.

They are nicely telling you to grow up and deal with it on your own instead of whining and filling up the ticket queue with something you should deal with.

If you want someone to hold you hand all the time when something bad happens, you have a mom for that.

They have no control on what your friend does so why should they be responsible. Deal with it.

The queues are gone because the server is layered to hell! Once the layers are removed have fun in the queue.

Just reroll to Rattlegore. This server is pretty damn amazing. Youd level fast from 1-25 out here.

This is completely wrong.

Layers give you the ability to have more people on the server.

When the layers are gone, you’ll have more people visible in the world, but the queues won’t change.


Hey that’s a great idea! Just remove all the layers and the queue and put everyone on the plane! Hell why don’t we merge all the realms to just one?

Hate to say it but if anyone is to blame it is your friend. Transfers have always been one way and it even warns you that will be the case.

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I think that’s a great idea! Just think, 50,000 people, all in Stormwind. At the same time. Just think of how social it would be!


Screw the server stress. I love playing at 5fps anyway :slight_smile: