Unable to Report Certain Disruptive Players

It is currently impossible to report disruptive players in leveling dungeons if you are unjustly kicked from an instance and if the player did not chat. Once promptly booted out of the instance, you have no way to click on the player’s portrait and report them in-game. This becomes even more of a problem when that player is running alts through the dungeon, and can even have a majority in the “group” to always kick any player in the group they want. The alt running with MoP Remix has made this problem infinitely worse. I therefore am subject to a 15 minute dungeon queue pause, how is that not disrupting player’s game time? I have stopped asking players in the group why I have been kicked, I never get an answer, or a very nasty and negative one. Regardless, the fact that I still can’t access a player’s portrait after suddenly being removed from a group and being unable to report them is the issue here. I am almost 100% certain I was removed from this group just so the guy could invite another one of the alts on his account to level.

/i hello all

/ignore %T

That is for the ones that do not respond as well as the leader of the follow bots.
They should not be grouped with you again.
As you said, without being in group…report is?

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There’s no such thing as “unjustly kicked”, so there would be nothing to report, and if you tried you would just be wasting an overtaxed GM’s time.

You can be kicked for any reason or no reason at all.


I was only kicked once in remix, and that was by a crappy tank in super early remix who tried to pull like it was retail leveling and got folded (as the healer).
If it’s a consistent pattern for you, I have to ask, are you saying or doing anything other than following the carry during the dungeon?

Not that I’m aware of. I am almost always silent or an amenable person.

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