Unable to obtain Wanted Shard or Soul of Greed as an Orc Warlock

Classic Era - Season of Discovery
According to guides I am supposed to Drain Soul either Maggot Eye or Gazzuz to obtain a “Wanted Shard” but it has not dropped at all.

I’m also supposed to Drain Soul Supervisor Lugwizzle to obtain Soul of Greed and this is not dropping either. I have even witnessed another warlock obtain this item, but I have multiple kills, at different levels, and it does not drop.

My character is Carmx - Living Flame

Same issue here with Gazzuz, though I was able to do Lugwizzle.

Character is Puppystealer - Chaos Bolt.

I also am not seeming to ever collect the Wanted Shard, its only giving a normal soul shard

It’s actually called ‘Tainted Shard’ and it’s a red globe shard thing. The wowhead information is incorrect. You still get it from maggot eye, just use drain soul on him when he’s like 25% to 0