Unable to obtain Thunderfury hidden artifact appearance

Posting here, but I doubt it will be much help, but I don’t want to believe I’m the only person with this issue.

So, I boosted a rogue a month ago. Went Outlaw. Wanted the Thunderfury hidden artifact appearance. Ran dungeons until I got the bindings . Saw I needed Infernal Brimestone’s, bought them. Went to start the Stormheim quest chain… and it does not exist.

The scouting map brings up no options. I have started the order hall questline and I have the outlaw artifacts. I have no quests in my quest log preventing me from selecting a new zone. I went looking for all the common support responses, which is to find Nathanos at the Violet Citadal or go find the Splinted fleet quest. Also not there in either location.

Think OK, I need to just do the Legion intro quest to start that, so I do that… nothing. I’ve done every bug fix and got nothing.

Am I missing something? I have spent a couple days here trying to figure out if I’m missing anything and I got nothing. it’s just Bugged it looks like.

Did you start any of the other zones at some point? You may have to continue in them for a little bit before the scouting map becomes active again.

I did select the Aszuna zone by mistake (didn’t know it needed to be stormheim when I first started) But I did drop it and now I cannot select even it as a starting zone, nor can I continue the quest with Khadgar. I can still start the Suramar quest line by talking to Khadgar, but that appears to be it at the moment. My only idea left is to just brute force quests until something happens, but that’s my best guess. I did try to get someone to share the quest with me, but that doesn’t work.

You need to do at least the intro for Aszuna (up until you unlock the first fp) and then you should be able to start Stormheim.

At what point did you abandon the Azsuna quest?

Has the character unlocked the Broken Shore? (If it’s a 110 boost, the answer is yes, but you didn’t specify if it’s a 110 or 120 boost.) Once world quests are unlocked on a character, the Broken Shore unlock quests will mess with phasing for a lot of quests that have pieces on Krasus’s Landing. (Which includes a good chunk of the zone starter quests.) Doing the quests to unlock the Broken shore should fix that problem.

If that’s not your problem, then see if Khadgar is hanging out near the Illidari flightpath in Azsuna. You may be able to pick the chain back up there.

the quest chain starts in stormhiem, once u unlock the dreadblades go to stormhiem and start mission there