Unable to log into the Battle.net App

The error code is BLZBNTBGS80000011.

I also struggled to log into the forums. All related apps are allowed through my firewall on my laptop. My internet connection is fine as I can browse freely on both mobile and laptop. This started around 12:45am EST on 6/23.

  • While writing this it seems I can log back in to the Battle.net app as of 1:50am, but I think there might be connectivity issues remaining. Still can’t log into World of Warcraft itself, getting error code BLZ51901016.

Having similar problems. Kept getting kicked out of WoW after being in game for about 2.5 hours without difficulty. Connection to almost all Blizzard sites is slow; login to the battle.net app was slow, then stopped connecting at all up to ten minutes before I started trying to troubleshoot a problem on my end. Even getting a response from this forum server was slow. Down Detector logged a spike in reports about battle.net starting around 12:45 AM. Got 4-5 error codes from WoW. Glad I checked before resetting and reinstalling stuff, other than resetting my Fios router and restarting my PC.

I’m also on Verizon Fios and getting kicked off repeatedly, getting various error messages including BLZ51901016, having slow access to this site but no sign of any issues with the rest of the internet, etc.

edit: not having issues anymore at the time of writing

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same as pet above. NY area, ran a tracert, nothing, running a winmtr and nothing is setting off yet… play about 2 min 3 times now and then I just get lagged out and cant reconnect for a few minutes

Edits, now getting wow51900319, winmtr shows … well it was showing basically nothing then errored while typing this unable to resolve host name

though Im really confused its been a hot minute but its only showing my router and the end address of, no hops

highly thinking its verizon atm to be honest

Second edit, verizon says they are having an issue eta 7am est started around 11 pm est

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Yeah I can connect now too. It was Fios being Fios - having issues and not letting people know. Thanks all. Thought I was the only one.