Unable to interact with Wrathion NPCs

Starting last night I was unable to interact with the Wrathion quartermaster to buy items, today upon logging in this is still the case. On top of this I can not see the NPC’s for the repeatable item turn ins (obsidian key farm). I already tried fixing my game from the bnet client and disabled all addons. No luck.

Also important to mention that last night I hit 4/6 with the rep, when I was 3/6 with the rep I did not have this issue, Perhaps its a bug with the Fang rank?

Having this issue as well, and I am 2/6 rep with Wrathion, the Quartermasters are uninteractable and there is no sign of Wrathion or Sabellian.

I’ve seen a report on that and I believe it is being looked into.


Yeah I have a WQ to choose a side again like I did last week, but I cant see either one of them to pick who I want to aid. So I think that is the source problem, I imagine if you complete the WQ to pick a side, then you’ll be able to see them again.

I have the same issue as well, maxed Wrathion’s rep but once i hit 5/6 with Sebellion i couldn’t interact with any of the Quarter master NPCs

I have had this issue as well with both Sabellion and Wrathion quartermasters, it started at the fang rank and it happens in the friend rank for me as well