Unable to access Ordos

I got the 4 toys for the legendary cloak effect and can’t enter Ordos. It is bugged. I’m also level 70.

Edit: I randomly tried to go to Ordos today. I was able to and it allowed me to cross the bridge. So they must have done something to fix this recently. Thank you blizzard! Also I did not complete the Honored questline for the emperor. It just randomly works for me now.


It’s currently bugged where only people who have a legendary cloak on their account can access it on their timerunner.

It will certainly be fixed, probably tomorrow or Tuesday.

Small indie company. Please understand. That’ll be $15.99.


Yea it’s super annoying as Ordos is the last thing I need for the Isle meta achieve.

Apparently the only people that can access Ordos are people who originally obtained the original legendary cloak, as Voidarcane mentioned. Blizzard, can you please look into this bug and fix this? I’d more greatly appreciate bug fixes than nerfing things (frogs)…

In theory, if you team up with someone that has the original cloak, he could ride a 2people mount and pull you over with him.
I know it is not fixing the main issue, but it would be a workaround.

One note, I have the original Cloak, funny enough the game let me get over… but on my way back it didn’t work lol, so I fell to my death.

Doesn’t work that way, sadly. Even if you are summoned to ordos it just automatically boots you back to in front of the 4 celestial world bosses on the isle.

Back in MoP there were several ways to get up onto the area across the bridge but as soon as you stepped in ordos’ arena it would port you out.

it’s not a bug. this is working the way it’s intended to work. i agree it’s a bad decision, but it’s not a bug.

How is it intended? Blizzard confirmed you will be able to do this. Did you even read the blue post that I conveniently linked at the top of my post, or did you skim through the first sentence and post your reply from that?


Nerfing frogs on a Sunday was clearly a bigger priority!

I don’t count any of the blue posts as actual fact on this. They straight up lied about how the cloak would work with alts.


Seems like it lol.

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i did see the post. i think it’s incorrect. we’ll see :slight_smile:

A blue post says you should be able to access Ordos, and in fact there are people that can’t after meeting the requirements laid out in the blue post. How can that be anything but a bug? It’s obviously a bug as they intended on players being able to complete Ordos.

I really wish the cloak questline was completable again. So much Wrathion stuff I never got to experience. YouTube is an option, I guess, or MoP Classic lmao…

It kinda sucks to know that MoP Classic is probably a factor in why this stuff isn’t being brought back to Retail. They’re going to use it as a selling point!

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To be fair, they did lie about time-limited items that were restricted to Mists returning.
Because now we can get the heirlooms and such.
So it could just be another instance of blizzard straight up lying to customer’s faces like they did with the cloak stats being shared to alts.

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Someone in the achievement Discord said they were able to access the area after they became honored with the Emperor Shahao rep. I’m not sure if anyone here has grinded that far yet to confirm.

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