Umpteenth post about MAX LEVELS in LOW BG

For context: the 70 geared player was on my team, and the opposition stood no chance.

Full conquest geared max level 70 Ret. (but don’t worry we knock their level down to 69 TeeHee) I cannot wrap my head around this. It makes ZERO sense why you would allow seasoned arena players to compete against some new/returning players first time in a BG. You might be asking yourselves in HQ why we have a diminishing PvP scene, well look at what’s been running rampant for years. You are allowing max-level players to queue with friends in a premade to completely destroy and wallop another 10-15 of your paying customer’s characters.

The entry to your PvP experience is in RANDOM BATTLEGROUNDS. So why do you continue to hamper it by allowing max-geared/leveled players to queue into inexperienced lesser geared players. What is the thought process here? If you need it to ‘fill the numbers’ how about you reduce the number of players needed on a team instead of a 10v10 just give it the 6v6 as u do for some brawls.



you actually think their gear matters?
say it with me so you retain the information:

they could be fresh 70’s in quest greens and have the same template.
part of problem is players who “pvp level” who think they can contribute to a battleground without investing in gear to do so. the other part of the problem is blizzard removing the pvp gear from the vendor in oribos so players have no options to gear from 60 up.
is the template too strong in 61-69? maybe. but it’s multiplied because players are lazy and are more concerned with getting easy xp than winning bgs.

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Said this once I’ll say it again, the only thing that makes them OP in low level brackets is their absurd stat sheet (in the 60 bracket) giving them probably x2 every other low levels stats, fix that and it becomes a non issue.

70’s down lower are basically just as scary as any other lower level.


61-69 not 60

carry on

lvl 70s with decent gear have 200k+ hp while average player got up to 160k. Last time I joined leveling bg on my hunter, it was a free kill fiesta for me

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decent gear, bis, brand new 70 in questing greens its all the same. the only factor ive seen that can have an effect is if they have an empty slot then they get less hit points.

at least you didn’t say scaling so we’re making progress.


get your head out of sand


better than a player at the bottom of the bracket? yes. that’s how every bracket works.
better than a level 67 player leveling with gear appropriate for them and not in something they looted at level 50? nope.
i was hoping that the BoA upgrade was happening with this patch but i guess its in 10.1.

what you’re complaining about is level x1 player isnt as strong as level x8 player.

Are you kidding right now?

do you know how math works?

Why not make everyone same templates then? If level 61 make them same stats as 69. If 70 make same as 69 and so on and so on and so on.

Thing is I don’t think blizzard will do that.
I still don’t think blizzard wants to fully try stat templates the right way. It seems like every time they “Try” they do something to purposefully make it fail. Then they say “Hey look we tried stat templates it didn’t work. now go back to farming your gear at max level.”

I just feel like blizzard is trying to force everyone to playing at max level and gear farm at max level. Keep us playing the game by farming for epics on that next alt.

It’s not like stat templates are hard blizzard is bad at them and I think it’s on purpose.


That’s like saying there is nothing wrong with with having an f2 car race vs f3s.

While implementing a same ilvl template for everyone in every bracket apart from max would fix most of the problems, people would then start complaining about lack of freedom of choice

blizzard doesn’t want players to go from 10-70 only doing battlegrounds. its the least amount of engagement and completely ignores 15 years of content. even the rewards you get for a win, unless they proc epic, are garbage compared to what’s available in pve for your level. you’re asking for blizzard to help players who dont use the auction house, wont craft their own gear, ignore pve and do nothing but click the join bg button for 60 levels.

as john leguizamos character in american ultra exclaimes when confronted with possible monkey virus contamination:
“ner er”
that means no

Oh trust me I know that very well. Most of my characters were leveled 1-max from PVP (Before legion) I kind of noticed that after legion blizzard had a difficult time controlling PVP in lower brackets. Worse than normal. Like how at start of BFA everyone that was in Burning throne mythic gear was 1 shorting anyone. 111-119 bracket was impossible to level through unless you had mythic gear. Normally you would just by the PVP gear but that wasn’t an option anymore.

Then the level squish happened and it made things worse.

Like yea before all this some brackets were impossible to play due to twinks. I felt that heirloom gear narrowed the gap against twinks in most brackets….yet still unfair advantage against people who never farmed heirloom.

I think the reason why lower level PVP is so broken now is definitely to stop people from playing it like they use to. I spent more time in lower level bracket than at max level. I’ve had mid to low end twinks….nothing super crazy. Most of the time it was for leveling reasons. I think 41-49 was always my favorite bracket. Not too many twinks and most people used basic heirlooms.

To me PvP leveling is more fun than MMO dull quest. Also wows story got real cringe so I have a difficult time questing. Instances aren’t any better. I can’t stand the voice acting and dialogue…but definitely feel like I have no choice anymore with how busted PvP is in the lower brackets.

Also I don’t feel max level is much better game is so bursty now that it feels like I’m in a level 19 bracket twink match yet everything is turned up. It’s like everyone is constantly getting Mongoose proc + Windfury. I don’t think I’ve ever seen max level like this before.


If that was true, bg’s would not give good gear and fantastic xp (apart from the last 10 levels)

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they don’t give good gear though. if its a green reward its the same as a boe green for your level which is lower ilvl than your boas. that’s only an upgrade if you’re lazy. if it procs blue its probably the exact same ilvl as your boas.
not good gear. not good xp.
easy lazy gear and easy lazy xp.

you are monstrously wrong about the ‘BOX’ gear rewards. a lot of the time they proc blue and purple and are massive upgrades.

But pitted against the 70 it doesn’t matter.

they don’t proc purple. like ever

Take this as you would like, at x5 a properly geared char will put a real hurtin’ on 70s synced in. 10-59
Sync has some obvious advantages mandatory premade/flavor of the week class/spec/extra deep talent trees etc. This is true.
But! there are options/means/methods to counter them.