<Ultimate Regression> 6/9M LF DPS & Heals, 2 Day Guild


<Ultimate Regression> on Mal’Ganis is a 6/9M guild looking for skilled players to join our mythic roster. We are a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild looking to get cutting edge this tier, and tiers to come. We raid Tuesday & Wednesday from 8:15 – 11:30 central standard time. With the benefit of a limited 6.5 hour time commitment for raiding we expect our raiders to show up focused, prepared, and ready to kill bosses.

Our current needs:
DPS – Mage, Shadow Priest, Ele Shaman, Hunter
Heals – Mistweaver Monk or Holy Paladin
Any skilled player is still welcome to join, these are just the classes/specs we currently have a need for.

Outside of raid we have plenty of active members, most of which usually have more than 1 character, who frequently run mythic plus keys, island expeditions, and heroic clears of BoD for gear on alts. If you think <Ultimate Regression> might be a good fit for you then feel free to add and message Boomshizzle#1750 or Mortlevnar#11357 for additional details.

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Oh hey there


Updated to reflect new class/spec needs.


The king is dead!


Looking for more to kill the gnome


He dies on reset!