Uldir mythic mail boots - female tauren - SIGNIFICANT GRAPHICS BUG

The Uldir mythic mail boots on female tauren are SUSPENDED IN SPACE off the model. They don’t align and they don’t move with the model. They just float in space statically removed from the model. When the model moves, they stay where they are and just statically float along on their own as if they are just levitating in space.

Both boot covers are evenly side by side and remain that way as the model moves - as if the coding that is supposed to assign them to the legs is missing.

This is clearly a graphical bug/coding error and NOT just the normal kind of issue with clipping or what not. I’ve tried logging in on different computers and also confirmed that other people also see the same thing so it is not an issue on my end.

I’ve reported this over the last 6 months or so to no avail.

Please fix this!

Thank you!

Edit: I have now put on the armor set so if you just look at my character profile you can see the issue.

Edit: Interestingly, the wowhead dressing room displays the boots correctly but wow’s actual in game dressing room and the armory (as well as the actual model while playing) show the boots displaced off the model. If wowhead can display it properly, maybe it is an easy fix (like inserting a missing line of code)?