Uldir Changes Coming Nov. 27

(Kaivax) #1

We’re going to make some changes to Uldir that will go live with scheduled weekly maintenance next week. Here’s what we’re currently working on:


  • Visions of Madness no longer strictly prefer to target ranged players with Mind Flay.
  • The N’raqi Destroyer health reduced by 10%.

Fetid Devourer

  • Shockwave Stomp damage reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Putrid Paroxysm damage reduced by 20% on Mythic difficulty.
  • Mutated Mass and Corruption Corpuscle health reduced by 10% on Mythic difficulty.


  • Gibbering Horrors health reduced by 10% on Mythic Difficulty.
  • The number of Bursting Boils per cast reduced by 1 on Mythic Difficulty.

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(Reese) #3

Are you planning any changes to Zul for more balanced raid comps?


Would be nice if G’huun get some HP nerf (5%) or damage from Putrid Blood reduced.
Imperfect Physiology could see some changes as well, for example removed completely or duration reduced to 1 min, so you don’t need so many players assigned to orbs duty (which is one of the worst mechanics ever created).

(Bustò) #5

Can stacking Rogues for Mythic Zul not be a thing anymore so our regular roster gets to play the game on their mains?

k thanx bai

(Olluul) #6

Can you buff Ghuun trinket so its actually worth doing ? k ty


I’m guessing we should stop trying to kill Zek 'Voz and go to Fetid now? :smiley:


If you can’t kill Zek’Voz you can’t kill fetid :smiley:


We did Zek before Fetid. Not sure what you mean.


I mean, guilds area already doing it with 2 rogues or less, which I’d say is normal roster, so, get gud


Yeah, Fetid definitely looks like it’ll be easier now, and I could maybe see guilds going for Fetid before Vectis after the changes if their dps team is stronger overall than their healers, but I’m pretty sure Zek will remain the first kill of the middle ring for nearly everyone.

(Shippujinlai) #14

Having G’huun nerfed out from under you feels really bad.

(Seléndiss) #15

Guys are you serious? Zul needs no nerf at all, my guild did it in a single hour of progress. While Fetid and Mythrax took weeks and judging for the quantity of guilds stuck at Zul I’d say he’s perfectly balanced.


@Chainkindling It’s almost like that post was not replying to you, a person who had not written in the thread before. Crazy, huh


Zul has always been doable without stacking rogues. Our first kill was with 2 and all subsequent kills were with 1. Just because method had to do it when they had 365-375 ilvl doesn’t mean you have to now with 375-385 ilvl.


Why aren’t you nerfing Mythic Zek’voz ? It isn’t a hard encounter but the jump in difficulty between Zek and Mother is quite big if you look at wowprogress kill %.


Could you guys fix the Mythraxx bug where he literally targets me for his first set of Imminent Ruin debuffs every freaking pull? Not even exaggerating, either. Every week since it opened…poor Illuhdave gets first debuff :frowning: I’ve even tried jumping down a few seconds AFTER EVERYONE ELSE. Nope…still get nailed first. Not sure what I did to make him hate me so much T_T

Just once…just once I would like to feel what it is like to not get that debuff first…just once. I’m tired of being the ongoing joke of the raid group D:

(Demo) #22

Well I’m glad all these guilds are exactly the same as my guild… The boss clearly needs to be changed when our demon hunters can’t eye beam, our warriors can’t bladestorm, our deathknight can’t do his opener, and our rogue alts do 2x the damage of anyone else to the boss, or more.

I have no clue why the crawgs don’t rez with their previous energy and just nerf the boss hp by literally 20%+. That way people will actually do the fight the way it was intended.

You bring rogue alts to make the fight a joke, that needs to be fixed. we need to have the option of it being a joke for any comp for those of us that have killed it, any new guilds shouldn’t have to bring 3+ rogues for first kills.

Even the people saying you can do it without rogues still use 2+, each rogue you add literally increases raid dps by some 20k. Do it with no rogues, lose 40k dps, and tell me that losing 8.4M damage is nothing.

I don’t get how the 4 rogues we bring doing more boss dps than everyone else combined is okay.

(Lissuh) #23

They’re nerfing the harder bosses first to help people stuck on the later bosses reach cutting edge, this is just nerf #1, they’ll be nerfing the easier bosses in a couple weeks to help the heroic guilds get the experience as well.

(Yam) #24

Still no Flex tuning?