UI completely reset?

what in the world… why is my UI reset?


Not only that they deleted the saves for them which I spent hours making for each character.


did it happen to everyone?

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yes this is crap. I logged in the only time I was able to and everything was gone deleted and not even saved in my wtf folder…


im extremely frustrated


And I noticed a few odd things like my mouse wheel to zoom in and out was randomly set to no keybind.

Also noticed I can’t unlock the main chat window. I can unlock the combat one.

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my mouse sens, targetting, health frames all got reset…

My saved UI’s are gone too. Will this get fixed?

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I wonder why this is only happening to a select few.

Happened to me the two minutes I was able to log in. UI reset, saves gone, settings reset. Haven’t been able to log in since.

Hi everyone,
I had this happen to me earlier today and I found a way to fix it. Your preset is saved in a file in your wow folder: (go to the drive you have it on, mine is in C)
C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft_retail_\WTF\Account
then locate your account folder and from there you should see a file called edit-mode-cache-account.old
open the .old file with notepad and copy paste the string of info.
You can import this string into wow and basically re import your setup, might have to tweak it.
If your copy paste doesn’t work and gives a lua error, the import probably has a typo like mine did, but it’s fixable!


We’ve seen this happen to players who experienced the bad luck of getting disconnected while loading into the game. We’ve developed a hotfix for that specific scenario, and the hotfix should be coming to all realms soon.

But the hotfix won’t retroactively recreate what was lost. To make sure you keep your custom UI (and so that you can use it elsewhere, if you like), you’ll want to export and save it outside the game.

While in-game, hit and then:

  1. Select Edit Mode.
  2. Select the layout you wish to export from the dropdown.
  3. Open the dropdown and select the Share option.
  4. Select the Copy To Clipboard sub-option.
  5. Create a blank text file on your PC, and paste the string you just copied into the new file.
  6. Save that text file somewhere safe.

To use a UI that you previously saved to a text file:

  1. Copy the entire text from the text file.
  2. Go into Edit Mode.
  3. In the layout dropdown, select Import.
  4. Paste the text from your clipboard into the Import Text window.
  5. Give it a name and click the Import button.

Thank you for the response at least. It’s appreciated. Any word when Area-52 will be playable? It’s over 5 hours at this point and the server is still imploded.

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This is exactly what I did when UI’s reset the first time during prepatch when it first launched (and when some talents reset). Saved me time and headaches, big time!

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Big yikes
Not a good look


I dont understand, I’ve just lost my UI entirely and the only words of solace you can give me is you make sure to save my UI for when this happens next time?

please tell me you are joking…


You forgot to include the fact that it’s due to a bug if you’re in the middle of logging in and you got kicked because of the shoddy expansion release. Doesn’t feel good at all.

Kaivax we really need a Blue post for all the people that still haven’t been able to play the game. Either can’t connect or waiting on a boat. Honestly just unsubbed. Friends are really disenchanted and hoping for a change from SL. This isn’t it. They are hoping for refunds and unsubbing. I hope you have some good news soon to post.


It’s an out of season April Fools joke.

You got a PHONE right???


So what you’re saying is this might occur again?

Back to bartender lol not fun to have everything wiped after the time painstakingly spent doing it.

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