Uhhhh hey why do the new heirloom

(Cyniel) #21

Yeah that is a little much… although with most of my alts leveled as of this point I guess I won’t be making that investment.

(Toromiura) #22

i think if peeps wanna cheese through 10 levels of already fast leveling then they will have to fork over gold in a current expansion


That’s why I am playing the game very casually now .the greed of blizz is unfortunately way too much .The amount f enjoyment that I get from buying a single player game like assasins creed odyssey is much much more then what I get from wow these days .I miss the old days

(Lathander) #24

With how easy it is to make money right now I don’t see the issue.

I’m making 30k gold a week just from doing WQs. Which includes emmesaries and paragon rewards.

That’s not including herb farming.


Good point so cloak and legs gets you 15% exp nothing else is worth it since as you said azerite helm shoulders and chest would be more beneficial. Ring could be upgraded if you have the experience one.

(Marakurta) #26

Well if you have both rings thats 5% each, I lucked out and do :stuck_out_tongue:. But yeah still going to be expensive anyways. I just wish they would add in heirloom gloves/belt already, might as well fill all slots at this point.


I dont believe you sorry.

(Lathander) #28

Didn’t they cap experience gained from heirlooms to 50% total or is that false?

(Sorelai) #29

thanks for the info. Seems it will take me about 10 days to earn enough gold to upload the heirlooms I use.

(Lathander) #30

You realize you get 4k-5k from paragons right? It’s easy to get each paragon done at least once and you can probably get Honorbound/7th Legion done 3 times in one week from all the stuff that gives that rep.

(Marakurta) #31

5% from each of the two rings.
10% increased from leg.
5% increased from cloak.
10% increased from chest.
10% increased from shoulder.
10% increased from helm.

So max currently obtainable is 55%, its just typically 50% because most people don’t have the second ring available, the Dread Pirate Ring. There is no actual cap, just the amount that is available limits it.

(Lathander) #32

Yeah I know that but i had heard they capped the experience gain at 50% from heirlooms as a whole. Like the extra time to get didn’t matter.

(Marakurta) #33

Unaware of a hardcap pretty sure you still go past that if you have the other ring.


Blizzard wants you to immerse yourself in the FUN of endless grinding!
Learn life’s lessons and ramp up that work ethic!
You can’t really enjoy and appreciate something unless you have pounded out an unending GRIND of hours upon hours of endless repetition!
Only when you’ve completed every single solitary task…TWICE…will you be allowed to achieve what the devs say you really want! And THEN…oh RAPTURE…you get to do it all over again, from scratch!
Flips hair

(Xalea) #35

It’s only a matter of time until a max level toon with gear is available in the cash shop.

Oh wait…

(Lathander) #36

Yeah those are supposed to still work. Just that they added the cap specifically to heirlooms.

I’ll try and test it out tonight and see I guess since I have everything.

(Marakurta) #37

Heritage armor defeated that partly though with allied races.

(Svenska) #38

They supposedly capped it at 50% when they made it not stack with RaF but I’m hearing conflicting reports. Buffs don’t count against it and stack.


Actually, he could be making that amount; trouble is, that’s probably all he’s doing.
No real time for anything else, just like a real job.
Sips the first elegantly tasteful cup of Irish Breakfast Tea

(Ponykisses) #40

It doesn’t hurt the whales, it just hurts the returning player or the Casual player…

Just like when Ion said they had no clue how to fix professions they have no clue how to fix economy.