UBRS only 5 man

Yeah, you are.

So I’ve been 5 manning it on HM? Intresting.

Any update as to when it will be fixed? We just attempted it and it is still locked to 5 people.

I can confirm as of 5/22/21… 2:20PM EST… this is still NOT fixed. UBRS is still capped at 5 man. I really hope this is fixed soon so boosted people can get their Ony attunements done.

u can 10m lbrs too if u want

Its so annoying we cant do half of the phase 1 & 2 content bc of UBRS.

He can’t because you can’t get 10 people in the instance right now.

But according to their reference client …

lol. it had to be done.

fix this please… would like to continue quest chains & farm drakkisath gear on boosted toons

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Is this fixing happening anytime soon?


so now all the new pallies and boosted ppl get to miss out on a ony reset. mean while the honor was fixed insto. This is very annoying to us who had raids planed but had to miss them due this bug.

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Hey so umm, how hot is this fix? I completed my key for UBRS on my little boosted druid but would love to take them inside and get my BWL and Ony quests completed. I’m pretty much hard locked where I am until then.

where is the 4x honor in ab?

Im hoping they fix this fast

Its not supposed to earn 4x honor. You get 2x honor for the 200% buff, and then you get that honor every 200 resources instead of the normal 300 resources. And it has been working that way all weekend.

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