<UBRS> [H] Recruitment

We are Horde guild on the server Blaumeux seeking talented players of all classes. We have 3 raid teams

Raid Schedule:
Blackhand - Sundays invites at 1030
Rend - Saturdays invites at 1030
Jed - Wednsdays invites at 1830

Recruitment Preference
Warrior (DPS) - HIGH
Priest (Disc) - MEDIUM
Druid (Resto) - HIGH
Warlock - MEDIUM


Race and Class

What role are you applying for?

Do you know anyone in UBRS?

What is your non engineering profession?

Will you be able to attend 90% of raids on Sundays (Currently only one raid a week, this may change to 2 in later phases, additional day would be saturday)

Provide a screen shot of your UI and list of addons used

What is your raiding history in WoW?

Did you play any private servers?

What guilds were you previously a part of?

Why would you be a good addition to UBRS?