U should invite me 2 comfortable

grretings friends, it is me sneakyjimmy (level 60 rogue character)
2day i have a vry serious topiuc 2 discuss with every1 here abnd that is that i want 2 join comfortable (raid guild)

i have brought with me 10 reasons y i should slay evil with comfoprtable in they raids

  1. i am a experienced rogue character and have slain many evils in my time (defias in dmmines, scarlt crusade in sm monastery)

  2. i am a cool and funny guy and every1 likes me i think

  3. i have vry good armour and weapons i can wield in the raids

  4. i am a champion of av valley with over 1thousand confirmed kills

  5. i can open some locked doors and box

  6. i am always resourceful in my inormation about the enemy

  7. i sometimes have some useful consumable items in my backpakc

  8. i am vry useful in slaying the horde soldiers on the battlefielsds

  9. i can sneak into the enemy environment vry easily bc of my skillset

  10. i think that it will b a vry comfortable environment 4 every1 invilved

ty 4 reading my post and i hope 2 hear from u guys @ comfortable soon :DDDD

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application rejcted
Meny speling errers

ur not even in comfortable

application rejcted
Meny speling errers


He wiped my strat dead group :rage:

wdym no i didnt

After further review of the logs, he did not wipe the group but he did attempt to vanish undead mobs and run around instead of killing them.

i wasnt meant 2 do anything bad i tried 2 win

Woah solid app

Jimmy iz a stapl in this comunity, he haz my vote

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It was actually I, Btagdeadmine, who wiped the Stratholme group

u motherflipper wtf

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application accepted please send screenshots of your GM marshal weapons for an invite thank you.

After attempting to read his posts, I would be somewhat amazed if he knew how to hold his weapons by the ‘not-so-pointy’ end.

(In all seriousness @OP, if this is your way of rping I have a suggestion: Take Robert Downey Jr’s advice from Tropic Thunder. GL!)

first of all. idk what tropic thudner is.

second of all (thats right there is multiple). i am a mace rogue there is no pointy ends (they is all the not so pointy end)

third of all (thats right trilpe threat) who tf rps on the forums lmao rp is 4 on the game

ty 4 reading and i hope 2 c u again soon on my next post

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Jimmy, I heard < School House Rock > is recruiting

school house rock? is that on dd? i never seen it

yeah, they teach spelling and grammar…

where can i sign up???

And he would have gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for you meddling kids.