Tyranical & Fortified

Do you guys want it for a 3rd expansion or do you think it requires changes

they are both super boring. each level key increases enemy health why is there an affix aswell :sleeping: :sleeping:

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Remove them. In the vast majority of M+ situations tyrannical is unforgiving and a mid-late boss wipe will kill a timer. In contrast for most fortified runs you can pile up deaths zerging through trash, or die halfway through a boss and still time most keys.

It also drastically inflates the importance of brez, which then disproportionately favors resto druid as a healer, or DPS/tank specs with brez.

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I only came back for BFA, so I was not aware these two had been around for awhile. But yeah, I’m sick of them after one expansion, so I can’t imagine how anyone that’s dealt with them longer feels.

They’re super stale. I’d definitely appreciate way more variety in the +2 affix. And the +10, for that matter. All of them really need a review and some new ones. Too many are pretty punishing to healers.