Tyrande Vs Nathanos

Why are they fighting in melee… when both are master archers… who are at their best with a bow in hand??? why couldnt they make an epic bow fighting sequence???


Probably because Blizzard wanted their encounter to be an up-close and personal moment, and it is hard to have something like that if two characters are fighting at a distance. I thought that it was fine for what it was. Although I will admit, having Tyrande trying to interrogate Nathanos from 50 yards away would be comical.

“Where is she?!”



I keep forgetting that Tyrande is a master at literally everything that exists despite specifically being a priest.


That’s because of the Night Warrior powers that are going to kill her, and yet those powers haven’t made her achieve anything at all yet.

Moonpriests seams more like warcleriks.

A kind of holy warrior, but not bound to an strict ‘codex of weapon’, like paladins

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Same reason modern fighter jets in movies with missiles that can hit their targets from miles away instead usually dogfight in close proximity as if they’re still propeller planes from 1938.

It’s harder to cinematically make a ranged fight from far apart seem as urgent and dramatic as two characters slugging it out up close and face-to-face.


Priestesses of Elune are sort of like Kaldorei Paladins. They are holy warriors, and often lead sentinel troops into battle. The glaive is actually a pretty common weapon for them, culturally. For some inexplicable reason Blizzard decided only demon hunters can use them in game, is all.


Second cinematic with an actual hunter and again they dual wield. Surprised peeps haven’t grabbed onto this one.


Glaives, bows, armor ranging from leather to mail to plate, etc. Much like Shadow Hunters and Tidesages, Priestesses of the Moon aren’t bound to the same homogenous rules as us players.

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They’ve been showing new side of Tyrande with the Night Warrior theme, she’s more like a strong warrior type. With her demon hunter-esque fighting style and moon-magic, her bow skills aren’t supposed to be as impressive.
I’ve decided that I also like melee Nathanos. Dual wielding those axes, when other rangers are typically shown with some kind of sabres, sort of reflects his preference for an isolated, farm-wilderness setting.
However, the Battle for Lordaeron cinematic shows that at least with Sylvanas, they can do a good cinematic with a bow-fighter, even though her death-mist-banshee-scream is what really caps it all off. So, I think they could have done that if that is what they were wanting to show. But the point of the cinematic was “Night Warrior Tyrande overpowers Zombie With a Bow Nathanos”.

I do think, maybe they should do a cinematic with a “hunter” type, that isn’t Sylvanas or a Dark Ranger, though; and Tyrande might have been a good candidate for that.

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I suppose making an archer duel engaging is difficult. They might not be close enough to banter, they’d be constantly moving around trying to hit each other.

Though at least you could have it end with Tyrande catching him in a binding shot after he thinks she missed and slicing him in half with her glaive.

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Many lore classes don’t have very good representation in gameplay, especially the ones that are concepts more unique to Warcraft in some sense. Blademasters, Warmages, Sunwalkers, Dark Rangers, all these and more aren’t really in existence in gameply, they’re just either split across several different classes, or represented in a loose sense by one class.

Night Elf classes in particular suffer from this, with the exception of Druids. Wardens are hybrids of Rogues and Warriors, with some additional weird undefined Holy magic in there too. Sentinels are Hunters and Warriors combined, given they also have pets in general.

Sisters of the Moon are a really weird mix, of Priest, Balance Druid, Hunter, and Warrior. While their magic doesn’t come from the same source, they are, as people said, very similar to Paladins, just with a heavier focus on ranged at times. Like Paladins, they also serve in the role of cavalry via their sabers, which we can literally see in game, as the Priestess’ Moonsaber mount is an armored version.

As such, it’s completely feasible for Tyrande to be competent in melee combat, things in lore aren’t as restricted as they are in gameplay. Nothing in lore is stopping, say, Turalyon, from picking up a bow and shooting things, and given who his wife is, he’s probably pretty good at it.

Also, taking into account all of the above regarding Sisters of the Moon, this is your friendly reminder that Blizz decided a bunch of undead weak to holy magic would be an even matchup against a race whose vanguard force is divine ranged cavalry with stealth.


Blizzard sadly has never let established lore in their own games get in the way of a terrible story.


For practical and cinematic reasons I’d wager. They’re in the middle of a clearing, with Blightcaller on top of a small hill. Not saying they (blizz ) couldn’t pull it off but the risk of the en result looking like Equilibrium’s “gun katas” was great. :slight_smile:

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Silly Tyrande forgot she was in modern WoW, not retail. She thought she needed to level up her Warglaive skill because she hasn’t really used them. She wanted to make sure her skill level was high enough before the raid next week, just in case she had to go melee.

Nathanos just figured a Hunter could easily out-melee a Priest, regardless of his own lack of skill points in one handed axes.

Nathanos forgot. Vanilla nelf priests got a special dodge spell. Silly Tyrande, but dumb Nathanos.

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I mean, Illidan was a master magician with almost zero melee capabilities, and is now a juiced up dual wielding warrior whose only “magic” ability seems to be to shoot lasers from his eyes.

Tyrande at least has SOME experience fighting in melee. She fought in Warden like armor with melee weapons in the war of the ancients. But yea, Tyrande is rapidly approaching god tier level:

“hi, my name is Tyrande, and im the best at magic, shooting, and melee”

“wait, what about the rest of the cast in wow?”

“silly, there are no cast other than night elves”

Well, Tyrande is currently the avatar of vengeance of her deity…

Funny that for some posters she isn’t displaying enough power and for others she is displaying too much power.

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Those complaining that she has too much power have been complaining for YEARS how alliance leaders are god tier. When most haven’t been shown to do anything that impressive that didn’t involve some sort of outside help to help with those impressive feats


I think it’s more that there’s a split in preferences between players who like that NPCs aren’t beholden to player classes, and those who find cross-classing annoying. Tyrande’s just the current major focus of that, since night elf stuff seems all over the place to begin with and then she had yet another thing added to her skill set, even if it’s currently coming at a price.

Edit: For a personal example, I remember being peeved off at the time during the WoD intro when Khadgar was offensively using all three elemental specs at once even though that’s fully within the class capability for NPCs - it just came immediately after having that same ability pruned from my toolkit, so it felt like the game was inadvertently pressing at a sore spot.

Anduin gets it too, although his is more of a mocking thing because of how thematically adjacent paladins and priests are to begin with, and “holy warrior who wears plate armor and wields a sword” is basically the main thing that visually separates a paladin from most priests.

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When blizzard shows off what the NPCs are capable, they generally aren’t thinking of the players of said class.

We like to blame blizzard for being malicious in a lot of things they do, but I sometimes think it’s not even them and its someone higher up Activision trying to save a buck so their stockholders can make more money