Tyrande / Malfurion, participation where?

(Aussielight) #1

Look I’ll be honest, I’m generally moreso engaged into the Horde storyline than the Alliance one (Although I still follow, because I love the lore of the game) but even I was saddened when I discovered Tyrande / Malfurion has little to none participation in the confrontation of Queen Azshara / people and kingdom of the past …
I mean, sure they’re engaged in the campaign at Darkshore but surely when they heard of the ‘High Queen Azshara’ coming out of hiding, and a piece of Zin’Azshari becoming submerged from the waters, either one of Malfurion or Tyrande would leave the other to handle affairs at Darkshore whilst they’d intervene.
I mean I’m loving Thalysra’s engagement, I’d personally love it if some of the Sin’dorei were to reminisce on the history or events they were told down from their ancestors and loved ones.

Heck even if Prince Farondis came by in his corporeal spirit form, along with a few others of his kind, and said he was sent as an envoy of Malfurion for his people - as he knows them as well as Malfurion or Tyrande would too, I’d be happy.
I mean I get that Jaina is a main protagonist of ‘Battle for Azeroth’, but given the history of the situation, place and people involved - I’d say its more than fair to include some given characters that should be included …


Be glad they even appeared earlier, unlike Cenarius and the Vindicaar who are still missing in action. Blizz doesn’t care about night elves, I get the impression the lead story department is an undead edgelord that got ganked in Ashenvale.

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The Vindicaar works as the Lightforged’s base of operations / oversight for otherworldly threats. Cenarius I’d imagine is overseeing the repair of the Emerald Dream / looking for lingering Nightmare, skittering darkness and Old-God touch that may still have a hold on the dream …
As for Nightelves & lore - I’d say Blizzard does care, but I’d feel if they cared moreso / poured more into it, the Alliance could be so much more popular than it is.

(Etheldald) #4

i am going to quote this.

Now hear me out, i also want more nelf participation in the alliance storyline, but given the circumstances i think that is reasonable as well that shandris is the one representing the nelfs here, and is not like we are going to have huge amounts of chapters because apparently we will only be getting 3 chapters… and that sucks.

of course that we don’t have time for more characters if they only give us so little missions.

Besides, they did say that they were building the foundations to more stories for the nelfs.
but then… they also said that tyrande somehow got her revenge…
so i don’t really know what to think anymore.

(Aussielight) #5

Getting a relay or reply out to the Alliance to tell them what’s going on though, and having Tyrande / Malfurion find out though, surely one of them would come down with Shandris to investigate & assist … I mean there’s literally souls of their people bound into undeath because they chose not to side with Azshara or N’Zoth’s Naga-Pact.


After Val’sharah, I’ve had enough of Tyrande and Malfurion for a few expansions.