"Tyrande got her revenge"

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Shani began by saying that Tides of Vengeance gave the team its chance to “tell a little bit of Tyrande’s story” but that the focus in Nazjatar is going to shift to delve into other characters and to see more of what Sylvanas and Anduin are up to.

“I think she had her moment where we told some of her story and she got her revenge for the Night Elves. I don’t think we’re exploring her story too much more in Nazjatar though.” Shani said.

Morgan picked up the conversation. “The problem is there is so much to be told. Everyone has characters they want to expand on, but we also want to introduce new ones and to find ways to weave those stories together. With Rise of Azshara, the emphasis is on Sylvanas and Azshara herself. They are the focus. There’s just so much happening.”

Is this an out-of-season April Fool’s joke? Do Blizzard writers… not play the game? Am I missing something?

How is one dead Valkyr equivalent to the thousands of lives lost at Teldrassil?

Just… what?

edit: My biggest problem is the fact Tyrande is being dropped just before we throw down with AZSHARA HERSELF. As RedShirtGuy so eloquently put it:

It would be like having the throwdown with Garrosh (in SoO) but Thrall wasn’t there.

Besides, Tyrande should have AT LEAST gotten a Warbringers animated short. I thought Blizz wanted to empower women this expansion? Don’t be sexist Blizz, give Tyrande some love!

Yo Blizz... Get over it?
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Right? I hate the Alliance, but I hate this even more.

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My first reaction to this was: “And then they wonder why people cry about bias.” It’s answers, writing and development like this that throw gas into the faction bias fire.


Well, because they are biased. I imagine they just thought “she got her revenge” sounded better than “we just don’t care about her and the Alliance side of the story”.


“Everyone has characters they want to expand on, but we also want to introduce new ones

Proceeds to launch a high def cinematic about Thrall and Saurfang


What a bunch of crap. The Horde needs good villains who aren’t their Warchiefs. Tyrande was perfect for that!


I wonder which novel they hid that in, because it damn sure wasn’t in game.

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The cycle just repeats it’self. Been like this for Night Elves since W3. Lose something and gain nothing in return.

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Not only that, but Jaina is also back to hippy horde loving Jaina…So faction war over I guess, the Alliance doesn’t even want to fight.


Welcome to world of hordecraft

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It’s been that since cata.

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Your complaints pale in comparison to the story the horde has had to deal with all expansion


Having a bad story is more valuable than not having a story

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I would rather have no story than be shoe horned into helping kill horde soldiers repeatedly and watching alliance characters prance around in plot armor


right . Thank you for affirming my point. You’re having a reaction. You’re engaged. They succeeded.

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Ok just completely ignore what I said and act like I agreed with you, i get it now


Everyone here listen up.

Tyrande is unsubbing because of how awful the game is. Follow suit.


I didn’t ignore that you don’t like the story. We are all going along for the ride. There basically isn’t an alliance ride though

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I said I would prefer no ride. You interpreted that as me agreeing with you that a bad ride is better than no ride. Ergo you ignored what I said

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100% agree. I miss Legion where we just didnt exist. Id take that 100x over the “bias” (LOL) we have now