Tyrande’s quest was NOT vengeance

Um … Does murder have to be balanced at all? Since the victim is dead, the new victims are his relatives, that is, for “equality” it is required to kill the relatives of the killer.

They conservatively kept Sylvanas cool and confident the entire fight, never skipping a beat to point out that Elune was forsaking Tyrande again, realizing it before even Tyrande.

Just sayin’.


yeah but how much of that was the mask.

When Tyrande is choking Sylvaans for a split second there is fear. Also you can’t deny she was affected when finding out Nathanos was dead and the Jailer was keeping that information from her.

Betrayal cuts Sylvanas deep.

Moral suffering is, of course, good.
And now the night elves will destroy the Horde and, so be it, Tyrande will feel a certain prick of conscience. Will the Horde be happy?

We don’t know about Ashenvale, and while I think better of the recent cinematic than some others do, it doesn’t really erase years of being portrayed the way the Night Elves have been - and the thread I linked you earlier went through the litany of it. It has also never been just me saying this - it’s a common thread here, in the EU, and across other forms of social media.

I’m happy to go bit by bit through the mechanics, but I’d also ask you to pay heed to what the sentiment is.

Is it all bad? No, and I think I differ from other Night Elf fans in that I will stop to acknowledge the good stuff, but the overall trend and direction remains abysmal.

Rom, you’re a card carrying member of the clique, and none of you are slick when you turn up all at the same time, say the same things, use the same handles as the ones that were from the discord and bring up matters that you’re only aware of because we at one time shared a channel as my notifications fill up with flagging reports.

I’m not sure what you’d be referring to by bringing the universe back into balance - and this is getting into the problem that Chronorabbit brings up in that when we talk about vengeance and justice, we tend not to try to define the latter.

You may regard my definition as rather cynical, but that’s also what happens when you have friends who are lawyers - you start to become cynical yourself. Prisons are really never more than a repository for the sorts of people who we don’t want in society. We talk about rehabilitation, but the objective remains the same: society believes that people should behave in a certain way, and if you don’t, then society has carved out a place to put you, away from the rest of it, until you change. If you don’t agree to change, then society in one way or another gets rid of you. That or you have to repay a debt to society through some means of service. Either way, the entire system exists to promote certain sets of behavior, and to deter others.

Whether those rules are just is ultimately a question for philosophers, but there tends not to be a lot of debate around the idea that killing loads of innocent people is monstrously bad, especially if you’ve chosen to do so over the way that they were born. Hence we should have little trouble in agreeing that someone who wants to or actually does those things should be prevented from doing so again, and in a way that dissuades others who might be thinking about it from trying it.


I just share your posts whenever you accuse people of being fascists or part of harmful regimes so everyone can laugh, it’s just funny that it happens so often. I don’t ask to report them, and most of them are reported far before I post them.

Whether they join in or not isn’t up to me, but it’s certainly convenient how you can justify your unhinged ramblings and accusations by just going “LOL DISCORD CLIQUE.”

Maybe a moderator will realize that being eloquent doesn’t mean your accusations aren’t horrible and they’ll justifiably ban you from this forum.


The great irony being that when I point out my posts in your threads tend to get spam reported by your white nationalist discord friends who always show up in those same threads to cape for you, you dismiss this as an absurd conspiracy theory and eschew all possible blame for the actions of others and insist it’s all mere coincidence.

You should list all people you believe are members of this clique so I can laugh at it, thanks.

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I tell people not to report your crap because I don’t believe in coordinated flagging campaigns and because as much as I detest you and think that you’re a serial liar or at the very least an artist of misrepresentation (and that’s very much present in your post) - I still think that you’ve got the right to say what you want to say.

As for your list…
Tewdee (Melirius)
Jokiro (Although I think his takes are more balanced and that comes through here. Argentinian fascism and Peronism is a different animal from the types that I normally go after, but he raises a good point about a blind spot in my understanding, so fair enough)
Borigrad (Although I appreciate that he’s kind of an odd duck)

That Draenei I’m also pretty sure is one of yours, but I can’t link the name to anyone who I remember.

Also, is Mor Garrosh? Please tell me Mor is Garrosh. I gave him the Deathgrips joke and everything.



edit: also i’m sad to see the clique-master jellex has apparently abandoned our order in the intervening time between insane rants. big mood

I mean the guy never posts here, but he’s active on the SFD. I understand that you probably don’t like him because he’s a little right of center, but regardless.

Clique leader here, ready to report in.

Kyalin, you’re utterly unhinged and possess not a shred of the fairness you claim to care so much about. You champion yourself as someone who cares for the following of rules, who does not go down to certain levels, but you reach them repeatedly. You mask the fact you turn a blind eye to real racism, real harassment, by focusing on a game’s bad portrayal of genocide instead, so you can trick a community into thinking you actually care about the concept of good vs evil.

Of all the people here, I am the only one who ever approached you outside of this and attempted to treat you as a friend. Despite your repeated failures, I tried, and I failed. I defended you to others, tried to mend relationships that were broken, and respected your mindset because I understood it was of importance to you.

Get some help or for the love of god, shut up already.


Friends don’t manufacture and spread rumors about friends outside of their company.

I’m aware of what you did, and I don’t appreciate it. That’s why we don’t talk anymore.

Never once did that, but I knew if I tried to defend myself in that, you would only argue that you have irrefutable proof or some bull that was a clear lie from the people who hate me.

Tell me what this supposed rumor is.

Mda … On the forum there are no clear rules for conducting a discussion? And using IRL examples?
So there is the bill … I forgot.
@Alternatel, so where is that Kyalin plot?

I’d prefer not to do it publicly - and this thread has been derailed long enough. There are people on my server who I know are still on SFD. Kaz, Doc, Baultenn, Stea, Bori, and Zega can all help you get in touch with me.

If you don’t, that’s fine and it’s your choice. But do know that you’re wrong about my overall philosophy. We’ve talked about the consequences and the difficult stances that you have to take if you want to elevate a fair set of rules, but don’t you dare accuse me of turning a blind eye to real racism or harassment.

Turning a blind eye is an inaccurate phrase only because you tend to actively support it instead. After all, I ‘validate’ that behavior, don’t I?

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Ayrenn#7645, readd me, we can talk.

You turn a blind eye to it all the time. Remember when Russian posters in your Discord were talking about how much they hated LGBT people, and then acted as if they didn’t and you excused it as being part of their culture? Or when Nelfist/Elluriah said that my indigenous cousin needed to be brought up to the rest of society by my white family? Or the amount of times in your Discord, where I would attempt to have a discussion (never once broke your rules btw, because I knew you cared about it) and people would harass me and bait me and you’d do nothing about it?

But sure, act as if you have the moral high ground when you let known racists, homophobes and people with rape and bestiality fetishes in your little hugbox just because they agree with you.


Then tell us what did you come up with?

Wait, since when did I become the clique master of anything?

EDIT: Of course the forum takes ages to update any real change to my transmog, but when I put the unmogged leggo breastplate on for Torghast, it picks that up immediately.

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I mean, you weren’t mentioned in the list, and after some conversations on discord, I’m realizing that a number of people believe that they’re being included in what I describe as “the clique” - and to them I would refer to the list of names that I mentioned earlier.

Regarding this:

We had discussed some of the accusations listed here, and I don’t want to go through each of them, but you are aware of my stances on moderation - which require active reports. You are also aware that I believe in trying to talk people down from those positions, rather than excising them. It’s one of the reasons why I’m still talking with someone who I do feel has expressed some monstrous views.

This I understand is an unpopular position, but I will deal with that.