Tyrande’s quest was NOT vengeance

Yes you do.


“I don’t come to it lightly, I just do it every other day.”


What is “Not referring to other players as fascists?”


It sounds like you do.

My parents were political disidents in Argentina during the Dirty War. They pro-actively fought tooth and nail through political activism against the fascist junta. My family, and my country as a whole, know what fascism looks like.

What you are fighting against isn’t fascism. Not by a long shot.


Good. Scapegoating was half the problem with this whole narrative. I agree that the Horde are not unaccountable because they went along with the burning of Teldrassil. The Horde has a bad habit of falling into patterns of indoctrination. I think this narrative offers an opportunity not to have Sylvanas die as a scapegoat and for also the Horde to have to answer for what they did.

Oh, I can appreciate being frustrated with The Horde. I am a Loyalist after all.

Sitting here watch Kyalin argue that it was n@ziish of blizzard to portray the perfect peaceful beautiful people getting unjustifiably slaughtered by brutish subhuman sluggards with cowardly sneak attacks; and that the only way to fix this and remove the fascism from the game is to show the immortal godly all-powerful creatures of the superior and benevolent culture act on their righteous fury by striking back boldly and fiercely against the untermensch scum and trampling their vile infestation into the dust.


Could you show me this plot? This description suits me better, only without “benevolent”, but “surrendered to controlled madness.”

I mean, the narrative seems uninterested with doing either - hence the issue that I’ve got with recent events.


Also, @Shernish - don’t give the discord clique the time of day. Very few of them are worth the time.

the narrative is 2/5th’s complete. We are in a .1 patch.

Which is “wait and see” in other language. I have something of an issue with that:

It’s the most oppression a spoiled rich kid who had everything handed to her in life will ever achieve.

Well you are going to have to get used to this being a ‘wait and see’ narrative because it’s a serial that is played out in installments and it’s been that way since WoD.

What were the orcs waiting for?

Actually, it’s played out for far longer than that - and that experience has made me skeptical that we are going to get any sort of resolution, especially when it has been yanked away twice on the same issue.

It’s the Lucy and the football problem.

but ur not a cratoon u big sily

u dont ned to be runinng gag 4 us

You make it sound like you’ve suffered so many losses.

Tyrande and Malfurian won back Darkshore and Ashenvale.

Tyrande killed Nathanos.

Tyrande almost killed Sylvanas and at the very least wounded her with the news of Nathanos.

You are winning lately more than you are losing. Plus Tyrande was bada$$ in that cinematic. A moment that will go down as one of the coolest fights in all of Warcraft. Her “The wrath is my own.” had rule of cool. Sylvanas has real fear in her eyes at what Tyrande was capable of and Sylvanas got her butt kicked, big time. I bet that wounded her pride a bit, and even as a fan I can admit she deserves it.

You just don’t like that the narrative slapped your hand for wanting revenge. (but in all honestly, the narrative isn’t just doing that to Night Elf fans, the narrative wants everyone to think forgiveness is more humble than vengeance. This whole Uther blaming himself for Arthas becoming the Lich King, and learning to forgive Arthas for the path he took, is frustratingly tone deaf as well)

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The fact that this is your only response to a slew of criticism regarding your inappropriate, insensitive and detrimental comments about ideological extremism is an astounding revelation of your character. Your rhetoric tonight is nothing short of a sickening manipulation of pathos in an effort to condemn a subset of video game players and equate them with real life perpetrators of mass atrocity. I’d tell you that you should be ashamed of yourself, but it’s self-evident that you lack the empathy necessary to experience genuine shame.


Don’t worry, I have nowhere to waste my time. I’m a bum.

Interesting. What does it look like from Kyalin’s side? Are they trying to instill in her a sense of guilt by manipulating appeals to her inferiority?

Only Darkshore proven.
And then Elune refused Tyrande.

Not the best deal: a moral prick from your worst enemy in exchange for doubts about the loyalty of your deity.

Who do Tyrande, Thrall, Jaina, Sylvanas, Anduin, Bolvar represent? Yourself, faction, race, neutral organization?

Okay, most likely this is a stupid idea-theory.
Anduin, Thrall, Jaina, Sylvanas, Bolvar, Bane are on their own. They represent only themselves and no one else. Tyrande … I don’t know. It was thought that she represented the entire race of the night elves.
That is … While the shame of the rest is only their shame, which does not extend to the Horde, the Alliance, the races, the Black Blade, then the shame of Tyrande is the shame of all night elves. Elune’s refusal does not help either.
Mda. So-so presentation of the idea. I’m biased and all.

Capital punishment, eventually replaced by the penal system created by pacifists, was not a method of justice. It was meant to remove threats (defense) and disuade would-be offenders (control). Not justice. Not to bring the universe back into balance.