Tyrande’s quest was NOT vengeance

Within the Warcraft universe.

Touch grass virgins.


I play the same faction as you. I’ve played the same faction as you for 14 years. I have more than one character and my Alliance main is a night elf. Why do we have to keep going over this? Let’s talk about the worst ideologies. Can we start with your assumption that anyone with a red background is the enemy or has never played as an Alliance character or doesn’t understand your unique point of view playing this game?


There are no pandaren fans on the forum who are indifferent to both factions and all their races?

Is this some kind of catch phrase?

It’s an idiom for “you need to get out more.”


It’s more of an advice.

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“Virgins” was an address, not a noun. Clear.



Shernish is Russian, there may be some things lost in translation.

In Russian, the address is separated by commas.
I figured the phrase meant touching a virgin’s grass. That is … “touch the lawn belonging to a virgin” or “call for the harassment of a virgin”, something like that.
If there was a comma before “virgins”, it would rather be “a call to go out, mixed with an insult.”

Insult. Maybe “affront” would be more appropriate?


hahaha oh boy, that can be twisted into something inappropriate.

no it’s like telling someone to go kick rocks. You may need to Urban Dictionary that one, not sure your translator is going to pick up on American slang.

Just means people need to go outside/be less online.

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That wouldn’t describe my position. I’ve run into plenty of Horde players who I have no issue with.

But, most of them aren’t parroting the ideology that you’re issuing.

Yes but there’s a lot of Horde posters you do have issues with, because they don’t subscribe to your ideologies, and that’s the root of the problem here.

I’ve seen that there are also a lot of Alliance posters who don’t subscribe to your ideologies either. So it’s not a matter of ‘factionality.’

Yes, I do have issues with a lot of Horde posters - mostly because they have made it their mission to stand in the way of any sort of resolution for people who like what they don’t like. I consider their positions to be entirely self-serving, rather than considerate of other playerbases in the game.

Self serving? You mean by not wanting to sacrifice characters we enjoy?

I’m just supposed to let Tyrande kill my favorite character just so that you can feel some sense of justice? It was the writers choice. And they said no to your justice. Take it up with them.

Regardless what issue you have with these Horde posters, you should probably cut it out with throwing around offensive terms like fascist. Some people have real life painful history with these dangerous ideologies and trying to use them as descriptors for “people who I don’t agree with” is potentially damaging.


But you see, at that point she dismisses them as quislings so that means they don’t count.


M … Sylvanas cannot be killed, because “justice is not done like that.” We cannot attack the Horde, because “we have already suffered from the villain’s beat.”
On whom should the night elves vent their hatred?

I’ll take “missing the point” for 500, Alex.