Tyranda is basically illidan right?

So is tyranda basically going to be illidan? Seeks vengeance? Check
Gave up something for power? Check
Burning hatred until they are impaled on their spear? Check

Feels like illidan storyline to me

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You forgot one very important detail: super simp god for tyrande.

and illidans a blind lad

Does she scream at people for not being prepared and always brag about sacrifices?

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Shadowlands Spoiler

If Tyrande is becoming an Illidan, is the Winter Queen going to die much like Xe’ra?

No, she’s Maiev lite


I dunno, I recently read that new WoW book and she seems pretty mean in it.

Well, if she starts vacuuming up energy from an Elune Guard and chanting about sacrifice…

Not exactly. Illidan is like the only Night Elf that’s not tackled by the devs. His power made him clash with Arthas, or just seal Sargeras.

Tyrande’s power allowed her to stalemate Nathanos and now we have to save her because getting powers of Nathanos level is too much for her and is dying.

Yeah the Nelfs do seem to have a thing for vengeance…

She chose the wrong brother.

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No she can’t be because if she was she would be an awesome character And she isn’t so no she isn’t Illidan.