Ty Madseason

Now instead of 90 % of premade in ab now its 99.99 of premade.

Ty so much


Madseason is pretty awesome. I agree. Thank you Madseason for everything you do!


That guys content is pretty whack lol.

Or or or ready hear me out.

Everyone who isn’t hardcore ranking is doing stuff in Silithus right now leaving only the people ranking playing BGs because they don’t want to decay.

Crazy when you use your brain to think about stuff.


I’d wager that doing stuff in Silithus right now is pretty hardcore too.

the crowd that classic WoW attracts is literally lower than Xbox Live tier.


I really liked his video about hitting rank 14, especially the part about the politics (that nobody discusses but is a massive part of ranking). I’ve also faced pretty much only pugs in AB all weekend. So, I’m not sure why your luck is so bad.

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Horde getting destroyed in PVP and finger pointing. Name a more iconic duo.


lol i was solo q, Nothing i that i said would point to me getting destroy what i said was about premade. Your making movie here. Ray is about to save us all again.

Who is Ma Dseason? Mads Eason? Mad Sea’s son?

Just another personality that got carried to 14. 98% WR is proof.

Naw, Madseason put in work. Dude’s a solid pvp’er

he is like 1800 pleb

And yet, I’d probably enjoy his company more than some of the people who think being great at something (Like arena or WoW Classic PVP) gives them license to lack social skills or basic empathy.




Nah, I call it like it I see it. Putting forth the least amount of effort possible. In my eyes, it’s one step above paying for a r14 account. Yeah, he earned it. He earned it in the same way if I were rushed through MC with a guild once and they handed me Sulfuras at the end.

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I don’t see what that has to do with anything other than your personal issue around how you say he got R14.

I just said that even if he wasn’t a particularly skilled player, I’d still probably enjoy his company more than the toxic people who run around shrieking at others, thumping their chests, and generally behaving like being great at a video game negates any need to have other redeeming qualities.

Watching Madseason get R14 and have all these people freak out like they’re Gollum and just had Frodo made off with their ring is pathetic.

There’s some other orc warrior who posts regularly on these boards about how he’s so great because he did the R14 grind solo.

Cool. He did a super long and arduous time grind…alone…in a game that’s predominantly designed as a social medium between players. Awesome…

The Vanilla PVP design is awful and always has been. It was the dev teams first shot at a PVP system and it failed so badly they didn’t revisit it until 16 years later in a knock-off remake of the game.


I was gonna say respect then you said warrior . Warrior get to do hwat they want never get harass .

Here a Fact , If a rogue as cd ur a warrior u a free ninja cap, your a free ninja capp the time . Here what you wanna do as a warrior group with other and intercept the same person because your is the most ridiculous thing in the game

if you wanna defend arathi basin use pet class or druid but pet are superior .
by defending as a warrior you are wasting everybody time

Your definition of freaking out is a little absurd. I wouldn’t call it shrieking either. I happen to like his videos too, but you sound more like a fanboy than anything. Is senpai going to say your name on his stream if you’re a good boy and defend his honor?

Dude put in 30-40 hours a week (or more) grinding out honor over several months. He didnt buy his bracket slot, and when he was playing he was actually playing, not talking to his stream or semi-afking like some of the other streamers I’ve pvpd with.

I’m just saying, if you’re gonna go after a streamer Madseason is a weird one to choose. There are FAR easier/more deserving targets