TWW: Auction House issues

Good afternoon,

I noticed that there was another build update earlier today and I hoped that it would be corrected.

I’ve tried to purchase some stuff and the gold is deducted, but the items never hit my mailbox. Thus far, I’m down about 800k :frowning: Not a good look and definitely functionality that needs to be addressed.


Biggest issue I see with the AH is people charging horrendous prices for stuff and they don’t even get to keep the gold. I mean what the heck? Why charge 1,000,000 gold for a crafting item? Ridiculous.


That’s the difference between the sheep and the wolf. The sheep asks why, the wolf asks why not.

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I have a different name for the “wolf” but don’t want a forum vacation. :slight_smile:

Say it. This isn’t GD.

Its the same in Live. People being greedy. I have been playing for 20 years and it still makes no sense to me. I chalk it up to greed and find a way to get things i need without the AH. Id love to see a regulated AH , with set prices so nobody can exploit others anymore. this goes for craftables too. some of us just don’t have the exuberant amounts of gold others do as some of us have lives outside the game. I dont like to grind for gold. its boring to me. so even though i have been playing for 20 years , i dont think ive ever gotten to 1 mil gold.

can spawn infinite gold via char copy that’s prolly why