Two nights down

Been playing since Vanilla… This seems to be the worst xpac launch I’ve seen. Stood in Stormwind forever waiting for a boat that either never came or if it did, it glitched out… there was a portal for a little bit that took you to a loading screen that eventually dropped you out of game.

Tonight… thought “ok… maybe they’ve got things a little more under control now that it’s not going to be 3 zillion people all waiting for a boat at the same time.”

Nope… World server down. Good times… good times.



Feedback is not taken here you’re essentially talking yourself.

General Discussion is where you’ll want to express your discontent at.


you are 100% a liar if you’ve been playing since vanilla and think this is the worst.

We had WEEKS of server issues in vanilla during launch and we had them come up frequently after content patches.


There’s no way you’ve been playing since Vanilla if THIS is the worst xpac launch you’ve seen.


I’m insanely jealous that you weren’t around for WoD’s launch fiasco.


Every expansion it’s the worst launch ever. Nothing is perfect in this world.


one of these things just isn’t true.
(or it’s the first time you’ve been active around a launch)


I played Vanilla, but didn’t play right at launch. I delayed playing it for about 9 months because I knew it would suck me in if I started playing it. Eventually I did and sure enough! Played a sh*t ton in Vanilla, BC & WotLK.

Tapered off after that and just go through phases of playing a fair amount at xpac launches and then just a little bit here & there until the next xpac comes out.

Oh… right… WoD… yeah, that was a bit crappy. I don’t remember having too much trouble, other than a ridiculous number of people in the same area, but I think I waited a day or 2 to try to get in as I had other stuff going on at that time.

One thing comes to mind with the WoD launch:

The two quests leading to the establishment of the Garrison. One was to mark the trees, and the other to kill a few birds, became a huge bottleneck that broke. Players ahead of that point were ok, but the rest of us (at least on my realm) came to a grinding halt that took several hours to resolve.

My wife was one of the lucky few, with only a few minutes separating our progress but I was caught in it.

Reflecting back, there was a stream of characters progressing through, like the mid to back runners of a marathon, at launch. Same as Pandaria.

Although I felt the Dragonflight’s choice of a boat (what could possibly go wrong?) proved to be problematic, and for me the World Server dropped out early on while I was logging in and out of alts to get them ticking, knocking me off for an hour, I didn’t notice the same phenomena once we got past the boat.

I saw people here and there but not what I was expecting, and the rest of my launch day was enjoyable.

Blizz has always had trouble with boats!! Forever glitchy!!! I mean… think back in time to Captain Placeholder back in the day! :joy: :rofl:

What he said. I’ve been playing since closed beta 2003, and this is not the worst expansion that’s happened since then.

I promess you’re wrong about Dragonflight being the worst Xpack launch… Warlords of Draenor was but i do admit the boat bug is annoying. However, being able to play the game compared to FFIV last xpack launch is not that bad! Gotta see the bright sides of things! Cheers mate and yeah playing wow since that Dwarf cenimatic folk! <3

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Bit of a bump from last week, but a good sentiment to end this thread on. :slight_smile: