Two handers or One Handers?

Two handed will always feel like the way to go, but i want to know what you guys think of one handed swords as fury?

1 handers are for lesser specs.


Aside from the cringe RP above me, smf would be fun to play but the delta between it and TG will keep growing as stats do.

The move speed is basically unnoticeable, the extra damage doesn’t compensate, and you get a lot less stats.

It’s hard for me to knowingly gimp myself over an aesthetic; they should have made everyone’s lives easier and just made it a transmog option or a glyph.


Now I’m running smf with a 275 main and 265 offhand.

The alternative to that is two 249ilvl pvp 2hers

You’re supposed to loot spec to arms D:


I main prot soo got a 275 in vault and my 265 is open

Just started a warrior and decided to do furry spec I know another dps OMG…
I am not why Blizzard has the requirements for Raging Blow as melee weapon but to use the ability you have to be dual wielding. I plan on dual wielding but why not just make the requirement dual wielding?

it says it attacks with both weapons, thus you need 2 weapons to use it.

Two handed definitely. All the two handed weapons look way cooler in my opinion. If you wanna rock dual one handers play a DK

Season 4 is gonna be fun with having a Gavel and a Jaithys. SMF will be left in the dust even more.