Two Benedictions

Just a question about Servers and a potential Solution towards this. Is having the Server split onto two servers Benediction I and Benediction II then opening Cross Realm for the servers a possible solution?


Hi there,
those are wrath servers you talking about,
Cross realm is not in the game bud i dont think thats possible it would need work and would most likely break other systems.

The blue post explained it very well you should give it a read.

Until then blizz gave you all the solution… move servers

Honnestly they cant do anything else… there is no other solution and its been known for a while.
Alot of you keep asking for stuff that is not even possible like sharding or staight up adding capacity to servers.

Again, the solution is there. free xfer thats it.


They didn’t make any mentions of potentially using or not using Cross realm. They did mention that the retail and Wrath servers are made on the same infrastructure Therefore share the same issues with servers like Illidan and Tichondrius. The Classic version of the game is built on a Client that already had Cross Realm in place. It’s not like We don’t know this.

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I honestly don’t know enough about this, I can only speculate.

But, cross-realm are kinda of the core of retail and what is setting apart classic and retail to me, it is a huge community killer from my point of view.

Blizz should protect people against themselves, all realms should be balanced. I was really sad 2 months when ALOT of people I played with for years left sulfuras to go on faerlina. those people are the same exact one complaining about queues right now.

Even sulfuras having 500players horde and 0 alliance I never really had problem finding groups because I play with my guild and no matter server were in we do content.

At the same time when huge part of player base 2,3 months ago all transfered to bene and faerlina 0 of those were free transfer and its pissing me off the amount of money blizz made on the issue…

I’m not talking Cross Realm between All of the servers, I’m talking a Targeted Split of Mega Servers into two separate versions of themselves splitting the player base onto Two Benedictions or Faerlinas and then having Targeted Cross realm open between only the Split servers. (Benediction would only play with people on the split realm of Benediction). So Benediction would be Benediction 1 and 2 and would only be cross realmed with Benediction 1 and 2. Same with Faerlina.

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I like this idea… Create the split server and don’t allow transfers in from other servers.

I completely understand what you are explaining, but I really don’t think something like this will ever see the light of day in classic wrath.

I really don’t mean to come across as hating on your issue because I totally understand where you are coming from. it is frustrating. But, As I explained in my previous post… Everything you do on bene you can do on sulfuras there is not 1000 solutions, there is 1 and it’s not gonna change from what I learned from wow over the years.

Move from bene or tolerate the queue
Its really bad I know…

I have no clue how blizz let about more than half of tbc pop from 2-3 months massively move on those servers (faerlina and Bene-US) because it was always going to be an issue coming pre patch.
This money grab from blizz is what I cant tolerate, they basically let the player base waste server pop at the end of tbc…banking on all those transfer, to then offer free transfer when the queue build up to 14k

From my perspective, this is the issue we should be talking about.

from the bluepost:
‘‘Overall, realm health and management has been the most challenging aspect of managing WoW Classic. When these mega-realms started to emerge last year, we were concerned about their impact, but we were very hesitant to take heavy-handed action for fear of breaking up friend groups and restricting player freedom. At this point however, we believe the time has come to end the concept of a mega-realm.’’

Mega-realm is not the general direction blizz wants to go, and I agree with them.
The game is definitely not for everyone, and it shouldn’t be for everyone…

The problem is that blizz does nothing to regulate ratio… I have transferred from 2 seperate 50/50 servers because ally has mas transferred in and then that starts an exodus horde side…

I am not transferring 5 toons again to a server unless i know that it wont go the Incendius/Bene route…

Not blaming ally, i am blaming blizz for not regulating these mass migrations

hmm thats an interesting idea

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All you morons killed a bunch of servers to make Benediction what is it. You dug your own grave now pay your way out or enjoy the Queues.


You didn’t even read what he posted. He’s talking about expanding ONE server to multiple servers of the same world. Stop gaslighting people on the forums and go do something else.

I did read his post
It would be an insult to respond to someone without properly understanding their point of view.
English is not my first language, but im not stupid and I do understand his concept.

Thanks tho maybe you wanna stop gaslighting people on forums and go do something else.

I really do understand where hes coming from what ur problem?

You alliance on Benediction deserve the queue times for forcing 8000 people off a 50/50 server when you swarmed it.

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Blizzards solution is to simply remove the server and transfer all the guilds to different servers. like taking 3 other pvp servers and putting 1/3rd of Benediction into each.

It wouldn’t even matter to the fan boys of certain streamers since they are likely in the same guild and will move with them.

This gives blizzard control over the faction balance too as they can move players in a way that makes the 3 servers 50/50 split

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maybe if you posted on your classic character I would believe you

I actually think this is a good idea, splitting the servers but allowing grouping to happen inbetween? This way guilds can still raid and what not together and it removes a lot of the strain from the day to day?


No one benediction, maybe half of benediction should take the free xfer to OLD blanchy

I actually posted something similar a couple hours after this, before seeing your post:

Well, they actually made several server-clusters for WoW Classic. So the question is more about adding servers to the full realms only, such that Bene-01 and Bene-02 would become a cluster, Grobb-01 and Grobb-02, etc.

They didn’t mention this type of scenario in the post that talked about technical limitations. They did make mention of layers or sharding not being possible solutions.

One common suggestion we get is to “just add more layers”, and it’s very important to understand that layers do not add in any way to capacity.

This functions in some contrast to the “sharding” system that modern World of Warcraft uses which basically does the same thing but spins up additional shards on a per-zone or per-area basis.