Twisting Corridors

If you could select a common power, a rare power and an epic power. What would you pick?
Usable everywhere.

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The one that lets me jump far for sure


Only one for me mark of borrowed power.

Stacking it along with haste, is OP AF.

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HoW 3 charges.
HoW increases wings duration.
Heal 5% of hp

convoke increased 50% but if we’re talking something I can carry away and still have for the next expansion, that’s part of my permanent toolkit, then the one that if I have 3 dots on something it increases its damage by 50%

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Hematoma Bat. Just imagine!


A version of spices that applies to other races in BGs. Say, Goblins. Yes.

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Ok man, but it releases randomly. Enjoy your best friend punching you in the face.


I want anima powers soloing Legion/Bfa raids : /


Disembowerler’s Hook.

Gimme Negation Well. Just Negation Well all the time.

This. I want big jumps. I always want the big jumps. Big jumps forever.

The worst thing that happened to my group in TC wasn’t the two fails on floor 18 of layer 8.

It was the time I got to the 17th floor and got big jumps right before it all ended. That made me a very, very sad Night Elf, and after we killed the boss, I stayed in the last encounter space jumping around a little before I left.

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Art of the Blinkmage (no CD Blink)
Clouded Diamond (make a Mirror Image when you Blink)
Highly-Polished Hand Mirror (make Mirror Images strong)

It didn’t follow your rules, but yeah I’d want these.


I second the super jump. That one is the most useful and versatile.

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I do not like that.


I would only pick super jump. It’s really the best power. Int increased by upwards of 50%? No forget that, super jump is THE power.

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For this character:

+50% damage on kill command
+25% damage on wild mark +45% health
Kill shot has a 25% chance to insta-kill

(For all the fancy and silly stuff that exists, I’m a dull and boring person when it comes to building powers … i just want to hit harder and live longer)

Rogue: Any of the sepsis ones.

Warlock: Tainted Blood Vial.

Chain-climbing with superjump is … an experience.

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I’ve mastered the super jump. I have not died once to chains with it, only three times.