Twinks ruin BGs from 1-119

(Idun) #132

And there speaks the voice of making the situation worse. /golfclap

You’re not keep the “bgs alive”, so drop the nonsense, and the facade of “let’s all get along!” Both claims fools no one.

(Jugajr) #133

Tianhai was in your spot at one point (maybe still is idk)

(Idun) #134

It amazes me how many people ignore this simple point: I’ve had a twink.

I know the lies twinks tell because I’ve told them, too. I’ve heard them, from when I was twinking, and afterward when I was hanging out with people who had twinks, to twinks who flipped their collective feces when the XP-on separation went down.

Twinks have no business being with non-twinks. They all know this.


But, have you had a BFA Twink?
Do you understand the massive differences that were brought upon in BFA, which created near perfect balance between gear?

(Diago) #136

False, they have as much right as anyone else :slight_smile:

(Jugajr) #137

it amazes me how people can’t define what a twink is now. I linked a SS and the armory of said “twink” and would like to know if that is how we define them now?

(Idun) #138

The change in gear doesn’t matter. The raison d’etre of twinks hasn’t changed.

The balance in gear is just the new excuse, since “We just want to fight other twinks!” doesn’t cut in anymore.

(Jugajr) #139

Really? All the BGs I have been in everyone has been in heirloom gear. Because of wod, the change in damage done in top gear has scaled down dramatically at max level… I’m not surprised they did the same for low levels. WoD max level was a crapshow b/w geared and fresh leveled… Legion and on it has improved immensely.

(Tianhai) #140

I do not in any way condone GY camping.
I think it’s pitiful and mean.
I have said all along I am fine with twinking, they should have their own brackets, but since that is apparently not going to be an option, we have got to find a way to bridge the gap between twinks and non-twinks.
The ONLY way I know how to do that, is by healing my little heart out in my chosen bracket.
I am sorry for your animosity towards me now.
(As has become the norm lately, as I have had friends in game unfriend me when I made my alliance twink last week)…
Should our paths ever cross in the 80’s bracket, and you are leveling your way through, please know that I have your back against twinks in the best way I know how to help.
And yes, we DO need to find a happy medium, otherwise BOTH sides will lose.

(Jugajr) #141

First, we need to define what a twink is. Been in a couple BGs where a person claims there’s a twink but there really isn’t… according to what I think a twink should be anyway

(Tianhai) #142

I’m 6 of 1, half dozen of the other.
I still level, but now I have twink healers.
I like both.
Twinks don’t bother me anymore.
I’m over it.

(Jugajr) #143

But what actually defines a twink… I have looked up the top dmg/kill dealers and they are all half heirlooms (enchanted ofc) but what actually makes a twink a twink in your mind?

(Jadei) #144

Technically, anyone who uses a higher level character to make their lower level character more powerful is a twink so those people using heirlooms, enchants from alts or gold from a higher level, gear runs with higher level carries, are all twinks.

Twink (WoW) - A low-level character made more powerful by higher-level characters, usually through gifts of armor and weapons that the character would not normally have at such low level. Also used as a verb to describe the act of giving low-level characters powerful items uncommon at their level.

(Tianhai) #145

Well by my understanding, a twink would be someone who spends the time to farm the BiS gear for their chosen bracket, and has the ideal gems/enchants for maximum efficiency.

I don’t consider that warrior/dk/other DPS wearing heirlooms who just slapped down a salt water potion, and landed some nasty hits on me to be a twink at all.

(Jugajr) #146

So I guess technically my alt is a twink… hmmmm

Here’s where I’m getting at I guess… show me a twink. All my BGs I have done from the moment I could queue a BG hasn’t had an actual one. You people seem to run into them nonstop so just link what I am supposed to look out for please.

(Jugajr) #147

No one can do this apparently…


So what you are basically saying is,
“Even in a balanced environment, Twinks need to be separated.”
Would you agree?

(Tianhai) #149

I am sorry, I do not sit and stare at people’s gear, nor do i take or link screenshots.
The only time I do a gear check is if i get someone screaming at me they got no heals, but dies in two hits and blames me, then I might look and see why they die so fast.

(Jugajr) #150

Ya so take a ss so we can see what defines a twink. I do it, so can you. The people who kill me in 2 shots are people who can because of their spec.

(Tianhai) #151

Why in the actual fel are you coming after me?
I don’t even like you so get off my panda butt.