Twinks Must be fixed

Oh man, two people got mad about getting farmed as a level 20 in AB and made a forum thread about it, it’s a hot topic that must be addressed!

Let’s introduce gear templates for all PvP, it’s not fair that my fresh 80 alt is getting one shot in arena.


Ah yes, let’s compare endgame progression with literally stopping your progression and getting carried by high level characters.


Let’s pretend this is a hOt ToPiC with two threads


It’s not. OP is a one post sock puppet, and there is another thread by some salty malder. It isn’t a hot topic.

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just give the best pvp gear for honor.

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You’ll be glad to know on that on the PTR


Nothing is going to change about twink queuing, we had this song and dance when Wrath was on the way.


They dont need to separate the queues. You can also get gear to be strong in your pvp bracket.

Dont joint a lvl 10-19 bg at lvl 10 and compain about the lvl 19 who 2 shot you. You also have the option to seek gear before you go into the bg, just as you have the option to level to 19 (or closer to it) before you join.

All twinking is is being as geared as possible for your level. Should we separate people with full pvp gear at max level to queue only vs others with full pvp gear? Then what happenes to those who have pvp gear with a few pve bis added in?

They put the time in and got geared. You have that option as well. And there is also counterplay to it. You can CC them and dot them and kite them, etc.

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Followed by:

Yeah, a 19 twink 2 shots a level 19 as well.

You might as well just say “don’t join”. Which is, quite literally, the consequence of not separating the queues.

Except this has been confirmed before to not be true.


Do you jump into arenas in greens from leveling and expect to win?

Thats the mindset you are having vs twinks.


OK, I guess levelling through BGs in Wrath was just a fever dream I had.

Or something.

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Do you artificially lock yourself to a certain level or do you progress to the max before you enter arenas?

My mindset vs twinks is simply not to bother cause there’s no point. I’ve been down that road and I’m not gonna enter that toxic cesspool.

Origional wrath had over 10 times as many total players. The devs took into account the lower number of players for wotlkc for that announcement.

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Alright, so Blizzards claim was a blatant lie since it was 100% untested in classic.

Gotcha, thanks I guess?

Doesnt matter. The mindset of “i have done almost nothing to increase to character power but should still win, why am i losing?!” Is the mindset you have.

Dont want to lose to a twink? You have the option of getting better gear.



If I “did something to counter it” I would literally halt my character development.

Or simply just not playing into their toxic antics and not queueing. Getting better gear is simply not an option without xp-locking.

And since the queues are mixed, here we are.

No… do you not understand that they have the data of player population, pvp participation, etc from then and now?

And it wasnt a lie that it reduced the pvp activities back then either. I noticed it as queue times (which were very fast back then) nearly doubled.

Original Blizzard wotlk team knew better. They separated the queue for good reasons. While most twinks stopped playing, most because they couldnt stomp other players anymore and others because of the resulting low activity, the overall leveling battleground quality and activity went up by a significant amount.

Of course the twinks were against it, back in the day same as today. However, the decision to remove twinks from the queue revitalized the battleground activity and resulted in more new players trying and actually enjoying battleground pvp.


Gear progression is character development…

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