Twinks - Blue Post?


Hey, Blizzard, what are you going to do from here with the xp-off community? It would be nice to hear from a Blue as to what the plan is for reengaging those who have been recently displaced by the xp-off queue separation…whether it be to tell us about the fun, new low-level stuff you have planned for us, or just to tell us to pound sand. Either way, knowing the plan would allow us to plan accordingly…unlike the lack of communication and planning behind the most recent patch. What say you, Blues? Are you actively trying to alienate and lose a portion of your already dwindling player base, or are you developing creative solutions to save our subs? Eagerly awaiting an actual response…


It’d be nice if they acknowledged their intent. For players in this community, this is the single most significant change of the expansion, let alone the patch; it was changed intentionally and they didn’t even bother putting it in the patch notes.

(Tianhai) #3

I too would like to know what they plan to do.
To me, there were better solutions than pushing us into unsustainable brackets.

Minimum Ilvl requirements would have maybe been something to look at?

They have boasted about these AI battle grounds. What about that?
AI to populate queues so they could pop for twinks to fight one another?

Reduce the minimum requirements for a battleground to pop?

Or have just left it alone. Levelers have enough avenues to well, level.
Quests, pet battles, dungeons, ect.

The twink problem wasn’t even as prevalent as was made out to be.


SAME can you please remove this or respond in a way that could maybe give us hope?!?!

I AM JUST POOUNDING SAND waiting for a Q i have had for 10 years!!


The ball is in the developers hands.
One of two things imo.

  1. They remain silent, what we see now remains the current Meta.
    (Unhealthy for sure)

  2. We get a professional response that revitalizes "Healthy Twinking’.
    This restores some faith in our Devs and things start to look brighter.

Lets be honest here, Blizzard has set a very poor communication industry standard with these changes going unannounced.
Either they speak up, or what we see now is what we get. :wink:


Put your money here, my friend.


With 2019 GOTY releasing this week, time is of the essence.


I think you should be asking yourselves this instead:

What are we going to do with the XP-off community?

So far I see a bunch of people talking about going out of their way to stick it to the ‘levellers’. Not sure how you think this will help your situation?

I haven’t seen any outside one level 20 twink since Tuesday. And I must say, games have been so much more fun. Teamwork, damage and healing is much more balanced and the games have been much closer overall.

I hope you guys can establish a community based around the positive aspects of low level PvP. I think it will get you further than rallying around trying to ruin games for others out of spite.

If there are enough people sticking around for the positive side of XPoff, I think Blizzard would more likely try improve that aspect of the game.


This is becoming a much more common sight to see.
All we can do is ask for some compassion. :pray:

I can understand why players refuse to re-queue.

(Mauden) #11

From Blizzard or other players?


In case you haven’t noticed, Twinks were never the ones pining these forums with tears.
I can personally walk around with my chest out knowing we held our ground without crying. :wink:

Last I checked these forums still have complaints, when will they stop?

(Mauden) #13

Well yeah, they had nothing to complain about. Why would they complain when they’ve got the best deal?

I hope you mean this as in before patch day? Since patch there’s been a lot of twinks complaining, or crying as you put it.


Lets be real dog, we know who does the complaining around here.
Saurfang will be free, Kang will be too. :wink:


Obviously, but we need to know first is what systems will be in place for us to work with. Will there be improvements that provide incentives for game play in all brackets, or will be left with the current systems? I really don’t see the reason behind your comments on people abusing current systems when that is clearly not the topic here, but then again non-twinks have been using our community as a scapegoat for all kinds of nonsense over the years, so it’s not entirely unexpected.

(Mauden) #16

If I hadn’t seen some very emotional posts after the patch, I’d agree, but times change.

Victory for the Forsaken.


What would Sirlin say?


I wish they would say something but wont hold my breath.
Maybe it’s a stunt to get us all over to classic? Too bad that’s not out for a while still and no BGs at start announced. :frowning:


To measure metrics.


You never know. At least for the 19 - 60 brackets. Feel worse for 60+ if so.


I mean, if this is how our game is going to be.
Players will make their own decisions that pertain to limits, as usual.

Players/characters complaining about being globaled in merged, are still being globaled in 8.1.5 separation.

Simple mathematics. :wink: