Twin Consorts Lore change

So, now during the wave of the name changes Blizzard started to change Lore also… :disappointed_relieved:
They not only have renamed Twin Consorts to Twin Empyreans, but also have changed their Lore.

The Twin Consorts are said to be greatest of the Thunder King’s treasures. Rumored to be the only known female mogu in existence, Lei Shen keeps his trophies close and their combined arsenal against interlopers closer.

Now on PTR (spoilers):

This is the BOTTOM, Blizzard!
Instead of just censoring something, you have started to change the Lore…

What about Night Elves? The Horde (muscled orcs) have destroyed a nation of the female Warriors. Imagine how many of them became slaves. So why don’t you censor the entire War of the Thorns? :angry:


A consort is really just the name of a spouse or companion or mate of a monarch. Royal Consort is still an official title for the monarch’s spouse in the UK for instance.

They probably only needed to change the descriptions so they weren’t referred to as “treasures” and “trophies.”


Haha maybe they’re paving the way for playable mogu - more female mogu :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway we all know the secret - they’re also his girlfriends, it’s fine

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Can you not see the problem and implications with the above? (trophies, “only females” = breeding machines, r*pe implications, ridiculous sex bias in mogu populations etc etc.)

This is a stupid thing to complain about.

Pretty sure they would die before becoming slaves to the Horde, after Teldrassil. And it wasn’t just females who were killed, likely most who escaped were females as the Sentinel Army was away at the time , case in point, Shandris Feathermoon herself.

You are reaching and frankly annoying.


Well, it’s a false rumour, as 8.3 tells us.

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what is?

That they are the only females… There is a Female Mogu in Ra-Den’s base of operations in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

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Those things help to build character of our enemies. Those things were telling us who is this evil emperor Lei Shen. Diversity, something different, not like in our factions.
And we have killed him.

But now things have changed, and it looks like Lei Shen wasn’t so evil after all…

P.S. Don’t forget about Blood Trolls tribe. Lets change it also?


What a weird take lmao.

Are you really saying Lei Shen, the Thunder King, isn’t evil anymore because he doesn’t have girlfriends? LOL

I mean he still created an empire that enslaved several innocent races, using the most cruel of methods to keep them under control. He still imprisoned and tortured a Titanic Watcher for thousands of years. He still considered everyone beneath him and intended to indiscriminately kill even his allies for his own ends.

But nah the girls in his palace aren’t his girlfriends anymore so I guess Lei Shen is just an all round nice guy.

The heck you on about, Treefolk? xD


Like granted the decision to change the Twin Consorts was probably unnecessary but it doesn’t in any way invalidate the lore.


What are you talking about? The Twin Consorts are literally bosses to kill. It wasn’t even about Lei Shen. And the quote used normalises the consort (dying female trope) rather than being the reason for him being evil.
We don’t kill Lei Shen because he had baby machines. We killed the baby machines and we killed Lei Shen because he was a threat to pandaria.

Now the baby machines don’t exist because female mogu are anyway around.

So stop with the nonsense already


I’m sorry, but how are you getting implications of breeding machines and rape from a race of stone men?

Maybe it’s a little off for a being of stone to keep some of their servants as “trophies” but Lei Shen was an adversary, a villian.

Even if it was a direct response for the harassment their employees face - the fact is that it is failing to feel the temperature in the room, feels like empty capitalistic virtue signaling, changing things that no one cared about .


The Mogu are still afflicted with the Curse of Flesh, they just very much don’t like it.


My bad, I skipped that expansion.

Oh man a deleted post I didn’t get to read. I can pretend it was about anything. Anything at all!!!

How DARE you call me a big smelly goat! The audacity!


I usually read those descriptions within the context of the story. Yeah, “trophy” is derogatory here, but the Thunder King is a jerk, so it’s in line with his character. Did anyone actually read that and think to themselves, “omg this sets women’s rights back at least 100 years!”?


Are we changing the dragon consorts next, or is that pc?


Because the War of Thorns isn’t about a sexual power imbalance?


That simply didn’t happen.

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That have happened with Gilneas, that have happened with Theramore, that have happened with Brennedam, that also happened with Night Elves in Cata, but for BfA Night Elves it didn’t?