Tusks of Mannoroth Farm Dragon Flight

So iv been using the lockout trick and reroll tokens on heroic and when im within the instance it says heroic but when I look at my stats page it says 10-man normal. Did they change how the lockout skip works or is this a bug that other farmers have been running into?

Try running it on heroic with a differnt toon from the start to see what it says. I am not familiar with a lockout trick. I remeber there was something people used to use on ice crown. Is the lockout trick a bug in itself or a “clever use of game mechanics”?

No its not a bug, you can share lockouts using the group finder. You clear up to Garrosh on one toon then create a group and invite your alt so that he is on that lockout. You can only kill the boss once for loot however can use reroll tokens which is how many of the people I know got their tusks.

Ok i remember reading about this in reference to people trying to get invincible mount. I didnt know if it was a legit thing to do , ie blizzard is cool with it. Sems to have been arou d for awhile though.