Turbo Fists ww pvp talent needs a rework for 9.1

  • Fists of Fury should stun your primary target ONLY (not an aoe stun) for 4s on a 25s CD that shows as a debuff on the current target

I feel like we can do better than this in terms of design. Why not break it into two mutually exclusive PvP talents?

One can be Turbo Fists amped up even further by putting forward facing spell/projectile reflect during FoF channel duration.

The other can be FoF stun, but FoF loses its AoE and deals all its damage in the first hit.

That way we can’t double dip by design because FoF won’t have a channel. While giving WW two different kinds of utility that are mutually exclusive. Both would have offensive and defensive plays to be made (imagine reflecting a full convoke).

Just proved yourself how troll your suggestion would be. They’re already removing the ally spell reflect pvp talent for warriors in patch 9.1, so I’m sure they won’t let your suggestion pass.

Wouldn’t be the wildest thing they’ve put into the game, and warriors certainly did not need more team utility. That said, not the change I’d have expected for warriors. I’d have thought they’d touch condemn or just alter intervene directly.

Plus they still keep their personal spell reflect.

Additionally, there is potential for a stat build around having FoF up as frequent as possible. If WW could get absurd levels of haste, we’d surely see some hilarity.

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I kind of like this actually. To fully utilize the legendary Xuen’s Treasure it needs Fists of Fury to be used and canceled instantly, so this pvp talent works with this very well. Fists of Fury should still aoe with full damage and stun single target for 4s with a 25s CD debuff on current target, just remove the parrying aspect.

I kind of like this idea too. The parrying of one melee and magic ability from each target should already be included in the ability and not be a part of a pvp talent.