Tuning question for warrior boys

It would be nice for you to just once use these terms correctly.

Mmm I think ignore pain is still >>.

The trade off is 20% heal (& can use in stuns) vs 30 second cd lower: I’d take the 30 second lower cd every time tbh so idk could be because I’m used to pre-parrying at this point.

With Arms Tier being 100%, big MS crits (especially when you run Warlord’s) are probably going to be pretty common.

Slaughterhouse vs baseline 25% + Sharpen is kinda a big deal; Slaughterhouse is kinda unreliable by comparison especially with mobility being the way it is.

I still think Arms will be better, Fury will just be good too.

I could be wrong though & over thinking how good the 2/4 piece Arms tier will be (my thought process is MS will have 15% extra damage + 10% extra crit which in turn gives 8% extra damage & crit so it snowballs itself).

naw, battle trance ties or beats ignore pain, thats not adding 15% heal from the wall+20% per bloodthirst

ya but u also have passive 10% DR while enraged and still have Dstance. so its 20% wall whenever u want.

arms burst will not be higher than fury’s after gaining another 7.5% on MS and 8% only after u crit with one, ur strongest MS is fresh off a bladestorm with hurricane, bladestorm lasts either entire duration of the 4 set buff or most of it, which means if u crit MS or execute before the go, chances of u having it after the bladestorm are low. not to mention the biggest MS u can hit will probably still do less than a full juiced rampage that has enough crits during it. even execute hits harder as fury after gaining another 15% dmg on it.

unreliable, but when applied fully its consistently higher than base MS. Also its important to note when u burst as fury its fully applied in 2 button presses (burst macro cds/rampage) because odyn’ fury puts alot of it up. not saying its better cause of this, as u stated its unreliable, mostly because its tied to uptime.

my thought process is, im not sure what if much, makes arms better now, the warriors on the front page are arms now that their leggo is maxed but they were all fury a couple days ago. Saw Thicc several times thru streams playing main team Fury/boomy/evo.

hoping this means i can stack mast crit and not be trolling

brother do u think thats gonna stop me lets b honest

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hate to brake it to you but arms was never “cooked” ever . if anything the spec has been the most balanced melee spec in DF

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exactly why we are cooked were balanced and everything else isn’t dk can shove it tho.

my main is an arms warrior…

I’m just saying dk can shove it I wasn’t going off your forum character also cause dks get shafted half the time and i love it.

Tier bonus doubled.

Big facts for that whiner.

http s://ibb.co/YkNr4jt

how about that, negative dmg trash tier

How do you have space on your bars?

i did it manually, just not putting skills there

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When and why did this happen. Needs to be removed. Same with windwalkers

Just take rsk off your bars then

the braincells u don’t kill, turn into cancer

i flirt with rsk tho.

if arms is so crap why is it represented so high
inb4 fury sucks worse, still a ton of arms around

wateva lol, guess ill take the buff