Tuning Crucible of Storms Drops

When Crucible of Storms was originally added to the 8.1.5 PTR a few weeks ago, we included full drop tables for both Restless Cabal and Uu’nat. We designed Crucible of Storms drops to be somewhat different than items that have been dropping thus far in Uldir and Battle of Dazar’alor – this is a new chapter in the story that takes us to a different, stranger place.

We’ve recently gone through those items and tuned them up to fit closer to expectations, and in most cases, to power up their bonus effects. Here are some examples of changes we’ve made since the items first hit the PTR:

Fa’thuul’s Floodguards

  • Damage increased by ~25%

  • Healing increased by ~25%

Abyssal Speaker’s Gauntlets

  • Shield increased by ~200%

Mindthief’s Eldritch Clasp

  • Health restored and consumed increased by ~35%

Grips of Forsaken Sanity

  • Damage increased by ~25%

Legplates of Unbound Anguish

  • Damage increased by ~25%

We’ve been making these adjustments via hotfix to the PTR since Friday, and we don’t expect that you’re going to see them via datamining immediately, but know that these are intended changes, and hopefully they’re now quite close to final values.


items r still total crap add a second secondary stat most spec having just a single secondary stat is a huge dps loss even with buffs to these item your gunna need to buff them again 100% before it sims above BOA gear lol


At least they’re trying something new and different.

Can give them that at least, even if they aren’t the most optimal.

Could you replace the mastery with any other stat or increase it by 200%? Because I will never equip most of that.

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You have the time to tune specific items. But not make small adjustments to classes to balance out the disparity?


Some of the effects look interesting and offer a neat spin on how the theme of a zone can affect items obtained from it. What makes me hesitant about this direction of item design is it looks to transfer some of the power budget from secondary stats to the effects.

Secondary stats are what make characters I’ve played fun. Insufficient secondary stats make them feel weak and sluggish. It is why a level 110 without tier armor, no artifact effects, or taking advantage of Legion legendary effects feels vastly more enjoyable to play than a level 120 that approaches twice the ilvl in equipment. It is why leveling in BfA felt so bad.

Some of the azerite armor effects sounded nice in theory, but many of them I would trade in a heartbeat for an equivalent throughput quantity of secondary stats. I am left to wonder whether or not these effects will draw a similar reaction.


Although it seems I’m in the minority, I absolutely dislike the effects… they are like watered down legendary effects that could even kill yo, because of that strange twist most of them have.
And because my class is so so so so haste dependent, i absolutely won’t switch to crucible gear, no matter how high the itemlevel gets.

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As a polearm user, I was most interested in the effect on that weapon. However, I am… concerned that the effect will not adequately make up for the loss of both the 2ndary stats AND a permanent main stat. Especially with something listed as “Low Chance” for a proc rate. Weapons should be celebrated when they drop and right now I’m worried that with this weapon what will happen is just a round of groans, snickers and condolences as your hopes and dreams are shattered. The weapon provides no extra stats or weapon dps to make up for the potential terrible RNG that someone is sure to have along the way. One place you cannot have such an occurrence is on your weapon as that leaves you in catch-up mode on dps or threat. Having to get procs, to get a bubble to burst to get a partial main stat, to work toward getting all 3 stacks, while the rest of your party meanwhile CRUSHES things… I can see the result of being that far behind off the mark going bad quickly. Also, losing that budget of 2ndary stats contributes to depending on the strength of all your other gear. So, in short, the polearm weapon concerns me.

The other items have several people in my guild and group of friends interested in the possibilities of combining the effects if someone were to get lucky enough to get multiple drops. Also, the on use effects look like they could be fun to use in niche circumstances (this is true of a lot of items/traits though), if only to terrorize each other.


many specs feel unplayable without sufficiently high (20%+) crit/haste levels, such as all tanks (except brewmaster who prefers low haste), you severely underestimate how important secondary stats are to player class enjoyment

no way I will ever raid for or equip such items with less stats

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Would be nice if they increased the item level of those items by 5, 405 and 410 seem a little low for anyone doing heroic BoD, and these items probably won’t be an upgrade unless they warforge.

only one like to give

not only that, they are even some words from devs.

classes haven’t even gotten that lucky yet!

Why is there only a 2h?

Either no weapon drops or one of each please.

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