Tuning Adjustments - December 18

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With scheduled maintenance next week, starting on December 18 in American realms, we’re focusing on shoring up a couple of specs that fell a little behind with Tides of Vengeance:


  • Feral
    • Damage of all abilities increased by 7%.


  • Frost
    • Damage of all spells increased by 3%.

Both of these adjustments will apply to PvP activities as well.

Welp, feral went from terrible to the worst
Incoming 7% damage buff for Feral Tuesday
3% damage buff for Frost next week
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(Abruek) #3

Make WoW fun again, also, Ret Paladins need help.

(Hiromagi) #4

Great news. Considering the efforts you took to attempt to make Feral Playable. When will you fix the problem with Enhancement. Taking things away and replacing them with nothing doesn’t solve things for the class, it discourages people from wanting to play.

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(Ladihoodwink) #6

Didn’t you just drop a big patch?

Like how does 7% get missed?


And ofc still nothing for hunters…

(Dzdz) #8

Bring back rerolling Keystones. Forcing us into impossibly frustrating dungeons on horribly balanced affix weeks is not fun.

(Nüba) #9

fix PvP disc priests

(Zbeek) #10

If you check the wording in the OP, it says specs that fell behind in Tides of Vengeance. Both ranged hunter specs were already behind prior to that.


That doesn’t mean those specs should not be fixed…


Your brain dead specs don’t deserve more damage, BM should always be bottom.


Sadly… 7% is nothing to write home about, the functionality of the talents, specifically the things they compete with on the same row are the issues… things like Leader of the pack (pvp talent) should 10000% be baseline, and would actually give people a reason to invite us into m+ or even raids. On top of things like blood scent why is this garbage even in the talent tree’s make it baseline. And sabertooth competing with lunar inspiration… wth? All this utility that you keep saying druid has… where??? If you see a druid says he’s feral (if you don’t auto decline right then and there) and a DH, are you gonna sit here and lie to me and tell me you wouldn’t pick the DH?

You absolutely demolished feral into a state that’s worse then what it was before your attempt at a “Fix”. In typical blizzard balance fashion you removed a metric crap ton of haste, did nothing to compensate this with direct energy regen buffs, put energy regen into a nerfed savage roar that nobody in their right mind would take, stealth nerfed shred to do less damage stealth making incarn even more useless then it was before as a 3 THREE. min cd. You took away the idea of choice entirely…

7% is an insult even as a band-aid fix… you wana talk numbers check the logs, how about 15% to bleeds since you’re suddenly forcing us out of haste, and flat damage increases to compensate for the crap balance you pulled by forcing us to have an all AOE talent tier with BRS doing more damage then shred and and primal wrath being garbage for the thing it was designed for, also due to moving away from haste.

(Olluul) #14

No matter what skill % you look at, MM is 2nd to last in mythic Uldir atm, competing with Feral for worst spec after these amazing “buffs” and “reworks”. Feral gets a 7% buff. Deserved. MM gets… ignored as always, meanwhile, Frost who is near middle of the pack gets buffed instead of the several specs below it. Hello?? By the way, BM is also in the bottom 4 specs so far in 8.1 due to lack of scaling they progressively get worse and worse. Now both ranged Hunter specs will be sitting at the bottom, while only the meme melee hunter spec gets to be decent. Cause you know, the game needed more op melee specs competing for those few spots, instead of ranged /s

MM has been horrible the entire expansion and you refuse to actually give it a buff. These reworks were actually a nerf compared to 2x steady aim in 8.0. What a joke, the spec bias are just unreal, same specs are never allowed to be bad (mages or rogue specs will get insta buffed if they get near the bottom, like this, except arcane lol) while other specs you’re perfectly fine sitting at the bottom for months and years . Time to unsub.

(Surge) #15

Feels like you forgot to buff ret, windwalker, enhancement, arcane, marks, frost mage (by more than 3%), and feral (by more than 7%). The nerfs to frost death knight, demonology warlocks, rogues (in general), and havoc demon hunters also seem to be missing for some reason.


“Buff” #6 for us Feral Druids this expac. At this point Blizz should give us and Shammys a 30% buff, pin a $5 bill our chest and whish us the best of luck until 9.0.


I agree with this crazy dude

(Geöspäwn) #18

and where are the RETRIBUTION paladin buffs? … WAKE UP please blizard




I did a few PVP 2’s and my top damage was Torns…… ummm WHAT?>???