Tune in to gamescom August 27 for a New Shadowlands Animated Short Premiere

I didn’t know the Archon was bald until Blizzard posted this preview.

Is that Arthas?

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These have such beautiful hand-painted art, and stylized animation and music. Just wonderful! How long will these be?

Well I usually really enjoy these. So here is hoping.

Anyways I thought it was funny a lot of the Covenants looking very friendly. More so the vampire one. He must be happy he doesn’t have to do the dishes. (Brownie points for anyone who caught my What we do in the Shadows movie reference.)


Is that Garrosh at the 13 second mark? I believe that’s his voice actor and his chained up position is reminiscent of the War Crimes cover


I’m excited for these. I loved the warbringer series for BFA.

It is implied in Shadow’s Rising that he was saved from the maw by Bwonsamdi. He has been saving some trolls from the maw too.

No. The writer of Shadow’s Rising stated that the vision that Zekhan received was a lie and Saurfang actually lies in the Maw.

Would certainly make sense if you ask me.

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with your quarterly earnings report should have been full cg.


except ysera?

CG =/= Better.


I’m excited. But kinda hope the Blizzard presence at Gamescom includes Overwatch 2 as well


This is exciting, I loved the BFA ones you did and looking forward to these. Now if only you can give us a release date for SL or at the very least pre patch release date… but really a release date please and thank you, some of us would like to take time off work and need to request this off in advance.


i’m gonna siiiiiiiiiiiiiimp

omg ilove those animated serie super excited

Ysera died in 7.0.

This looks amazing and I cannot wait.

With all the money they make on us every month, they should have an actual animated series, or at least a new movie every so often. lol

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Looks great! Missed these, should add more cutscenes akin to this in game